Thursday, December 30, 2010

A momentary lapse of Nighthawk Defenders/ TRANZ story

The effect of our feelings upon our destinies. : With her psychic sensitivities, Patsy (Hellcat) realizes the key to stopping the Tranz-Rupture effects within the minds of humanity lies with Nighthawk, who has once had the awareness of his brain being separated from his form.

There’s a place in ourselves where we are as truly alone as possible, and sometimes it seems like I’ve lived most of my life at that address! But underneath the heartbreak hotel, fundamentally beneath our brain and its business, down below where we start and live each day, we exist---and no one knows it better! Those twisted Headmen took my brain from my head and suspended it in reserve---but they gave me a gift of being alone with my thoughts!

HELLCAT: Right now, Kyle, there will be peace on Earth a moment...if we can just share that detachment with the flow of memes.

HULK: Hulk wants Bird Nose to make the minds shut up a minute!

VALKYRIE: We all share your sensations, Nighthawk---the freedom from your body, the existence we all have beneath the busy days...

HULK: Expand...GROW, friend, grow NOW!

By the Eye of the Vishanti, Doctor Strange and Clea work together to amplify the link; his disembodied state, from his memories, is transferred through the Tranz-Rupture connection between all minds.
With that moment of silence, free of the illusion of existence, the peace everyone feels allows the stillness to take hold. The forces throwing together the psyches of humanity cease their torrential, invading nature, and individuality is restored.

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