Monday, May 16, 2016

Sacred Fire of Twin Flames by Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie

Twin flames: it's a beautiful ideal. The struggles of over a dozen couples to reach one another might offer you some insight as to the type of love you hope to find. Do the people in these stories go on to realize this ideal? The book makes the point, overall, how powerful and mystical the attraction can be. There's a lot of work that nonetheless goes into a marriage/ intimate love relationship; that, too, is addressed by many of these stories. The way to build that joy is so personal. I would never say expect only smooth sailing, even when there's sheer poetry in your beginnings together. Yet, you very much must hold on to the magic in those details, and continuously try to re-center yourselves in a joint attraction to those ideals. It's not a conviction to everyone's taste- some people do not find daily romance as strongly in their world of more practical concerns and quotidian interests.
Yet, if an inspiring love life is among your pragmatic goals, there's a scintillating value to keeping reminders of falling in love close at hand. That's this book's treasure.
The clues to how to go forward could be more plentiful- it's good where this book delves not only into the type of relationship you don't want, which it does at length- but also follows you past the initial attraction and honeymoon to show a mystical, revelation quality continuing afterwards. Yet if this book helps you tap into how it all began- or how it all might begin- the essence of appreciating those origins will remind you always of that for which you strive.
If the book can serve to remind any couple how precious their connection, then Sacred Fire of the Twin Flames has served a genuine contribution.
The writing voices are all authentic, born of true experiences. They vary- but this might open the door for more types of people to find in this a story that reflects their individual romance. This is probably behind the choice to spotlight a multitude of people from different walks of life and their history, rather than unifying the style behind the lead author and editor's prose. My copy came pristine and well-made.


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    1. I was glad to have something to give, Katrina. I believe you're trying to do something positive and encourage people to explore this mindset and how to make it work!