Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First new Bonsai sprouts

Marc is overjoyed: the five seeds germinated for three weeks yielded a sprout noticed Easter Day!

For thirty two days, these seeds were planted and kept in the refrigerator.

Cold stratification is the process of activating a seed's germination. The process feeds the seeds the information that they have experienced season hibernation; by bringing it into warmth, sprouting occurs quickly. The condensation of the greenhouse gave her much excitement; the plant is taking root.
She asked me what to name it; I was in the mood to sing the words "Monster River" like an imitation of "Old Man River" I suppose. This was the ninth day of results after taking the soil into sunlight.

But then, a nice surprise. Monster River has two siblings! Since the Rising and Advancing of the Spirit is making Marc Kane so happy, I thought I'd call one "Shang Chi"; the other's called "Zeitgeist" for now. Here they are, noticed today.

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