Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pet Names, Anyone?

Pet Names

“That’s not bad…you should become an advice columnist,”

said the handsome veterinarian, helping Abigail’s pet

out of his own pocket at the clinic. When her teaching job dries

up as her career begins, that piece of advice becomes the new

way Abigail makes her living. But the person who gave it will

hardly return the favor and take the advice: “let love into your life.”

There’s your back of the book quote; it’s useful to have an end in sight, after all, LOL. In theory, PET NAMES is the title. Well, then, we’re almost there, right?

Abigail (?) or just Abby to most who know her takes her sick animal to the clinic. Doctor there has a tiny assistant, his precocious niece Merriwyn or just Merri, with her knack for recalling pets by name and zeal to help at the age of five…

Well, you can see the possibilities from there, friends. Now what I wanna do is weave in suggestions and hear stories from teaching, your pets, health care, or whatever life experience you feel like sharing. While I understand the vet who deals with a painful secret and a shattered home life leaving him emotionally distant, and while over the standard course of pages he’ll eventually learn to make an appointment for love :-d ,
I’ve still not settled upon any part of his name.
At this point, anything is up for grabs, but if I include details from friends, it makes a cool way for anyone at all to get involved with something creative without having to devote much more time than it takes to read this! When it’s all finished, we’ll remember we did it together, and that’s one thing no one can ever take away. OH, yeah, and if I’m going to put together 190 to 250 pages of any one story, you can bet we’ll try to take our laughs all the way to the bank! But, I can spell, I can make the time, and it’s the one thing I can get the most of you to check out and share, which is really too cool, and when before could the process ever be done this way? So pass your stories along to or my social pages.

Your friend Cecil

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"The Vanishing Wave" Part One starring the Fantastic Four, in the world of TRANZ

a pastiche fiction featuring the fantastic four
The Vanishing Wave
By Lue Lyron
envisioned as a King Size Special tale featuring the Fantastic Four; each four pages come dictated by a different character, such as I shall present a profile picture.

(A viking warrior and his two fellow travellers steps on the ice of a sunlit mountain side. A flare appears from a dark, billowing cloud, and the flash disappears down the crevice with each of the three falling vikings, with faces that range from shock to a mysterious non-plussed sang froid. Three large runes drift in space, intercut.)

Awen: The ability to foresee the consequences of one's actions is the mark of a profound person.

How profound then is my situation. There am I , known some only as Awen of Argos, on the verge of this break through.

One step!--have you betrayed the rest? With spring came the brittle basis upon which we resolve the mission to place the Ashes of the Seven Reavers once and for all beyond the reach of our age... before its Un Sun falls into the hands of destroyers of the world, such as this box creates.

What heat did melt our path, did seal our mission and our lives---by what forces did we find ourselves in transition to another existence?

Instantly, what is lost falls to another time... fields beyond any promise I believed, sands and mountains tilted before the smile of the sun, waves to splash living bodies , some half the world away from my long life journey's end.

But this is not the end...though you may Think from the End!

Dangard, Lafey Jerasun, son of my came to our band from a walk of Christians. The place of dreams after death sounded like what my kin called Vahalla, for such is the amazing place I see.

(from above the sky and sea, our p.o.v. drifts in like a sea gull upon the harbor beside the Convention Center, and to the beach where the Fantastic Four is found at frolic: Reed, Sue, Ben with Alicia, and Johnny flying his nephew Franklin out to see the sea life)

There, I see the elements, those with whom lies the next fate of the shape which shall shatter the face of the planet, the great vanishing foreseen...

And even as we reach towards the future, the heaven-land, it is our darken selves who go yet invisibly there to herald us. All I behold, as though through a glass darkly...and then beyond fear shall see face to face.

(end of page four; splashes here, on p5)

The Slave Box. We who draw it there, call the Box to the hands of our Darkenselves.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Awesome B'Boss'm chat between friends

Photo: thanks for picking us up at the air port---and pointing out, "they're the ones with blond hair!"

Conversation while harvesting Farm Town, September 2009 (in progress) how things I don't entirely understand and certainly don't plan come together to enrich the story-like substance of my life
serendipity or is it syncronicity?
I love it when that happens as well!
its like the other day when I was working out
I had my mp3 player going and it seemed like the 35 mins were taking forever!!!!
Oh, righteous!
then the last 5 minutes (which were seeming to be the hardest..) the Queen song Bicycle came on!!!
Hey, long as I commit to the sweat, I'm cool...but I'm not gonna lie to ya, it leaves me feelin' pretty wiped out for a bit!
I startede to laugh and pedal harder!!!!!
That's so perfect
it made my day....
I'm glad we have the pedalling thing in common
I'll bet you DID pedal harder
because what are the odds out of 175 songs or more....that that one would choose to play just when I needed it??
That's wonderful, too, to finish out, during those minutes where it's like, "does it matter if I do this part too?" I have to sneak up on my er more comfort-seeking self
it made my day!!!
The odds are pretty small.
That was a real gift to you, to bring fun to your task
yes....when I just wanna say fuck it...
and it's sweet and memorable
I like to ride my bicycle....I wanna ride my bike....I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like!!!!!!
I like to ride my bicycle....I wanna ride my bike....I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like!!!!!!
I pretty much commit to a goal once I get within 7 8 minutes or so of it, then it's auto pilot here I am sorta
B-i---cycle! Bi! Cy cle!
Oh, god the nude French bikers
Yah I tell myself around 12 minutes, I gotta at least get 20...
ROTFLMAO!!! we go again in the morning
will do 40 mins this time!!
Wicked cool. You'll have that memory handy anytime you hop on.
I'll go put in my 40 minutes tonight, too, then
We're cool, arent' we.
I am....
my internet is acting like its on crack again
Neat...I don't see you, so it's like the invisible man 's farm...

Old age is nothing to take for granted
Old age is nothing to take for granted
Nor is really even one day of life
Nor is really even one day of life
amen amen
I'm thinking I wish everyone would write down something of their lives
Not only for themselves but to live on in all of us
I know what you mean....I always think of things that I wished I had known about others
I bet Aunt mabel was a HELL raiser in her day!
Funny the questions that can only occur to us with age...not to mention, for my part, simply seeing the value of those people and the opportunity of their openess
See, that's just the sort of thing our generation would like to know
Sometimes we have no real true picture of the times before us
I have come to understand that living to even 57 or 58 years is a big opportunity and even being as wonderful as Patrick Swayze isn't going to save a person from passing away younger than my Dad
The only picture we have is what we have known of them , or what they WANTED us to know
What I mean is I've tried to stop seeing my pain as unfair. I've been wrestling with the temptation to take exception of late upon occasion.
That's right!
Exemplified by the seriousness of those old photographs that were so rarely taken
people looking straight ahead, attempting to measure up , preparing to be examined by who knows who
everytime I think life is unfair or feel pitiful for myself I try to keep in mind that I am LUCKY to have been born me! I coulda been born a poor child in Africa, no food no shelter.....never even having a chance at a REAL life....then I feel ashamed of myself for feeling the least bit bad about my pain
You are so right!
That's exactly right
oh everyone complains...thats different from just letting it get you down
I might complain....bitch and moan sometimes....but I refuse to pity myself...that is SELFISH
I might complain....bitch and moan sometimes....but I refuse to pity myself...that is SELFISH
I get irritated about my godlike connection of my start to mistake it for an extension of yourself I guess
true true
Yah, I have to send myself up a bit for complaining; there's usually a smart ass comment in return to whatever I'm obsessing over in the moment
That's true now! We have to have the thots and let'em go, for sho
Again, it is like accepting that life cannot be lived without pains and inconveniences, if one chooses to decide on a life of actions
LOL I know....I aint gonna lie...I complain
but that is a hell of a sight different from feelin sorry for yourself
but that is a hell of a sight different from feelin sorry for yourself
I try to get back into the center of the person who can see this body as a wonderful remote presence of a fascinating being that blends seemlessly into Everything
Yes, because then you use your connections with ppl to join in a sorrow best confronted by the individual
And amidst pity, the tone is all wrong for appreciation

You know it!!!
I'm trying to copy this conversation, LOL video

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Integr8d Fictions

Welcome everyone! This will be a lot of fun. I'm starting off with kicking the story idea that came together last night. Future blogs will feature pastiche fiction from commercially licensed characters you love and original characters, most specifically as seen in my upcoming novel TRANS RUPTURE. You can find further reflections and entirely original fiction on my sister column, be chill, cease ill.

Our hero is grabbed as a teenager and transported to an immortal realm where all technology uses power from the sun; this dimension exists parallel to our own save for a special nexus, yet they share the same star as we. There he acquires a mentor, a rough-hewn, short-tempered and secretly, very frightened teacher, who reveals to him everything has been thrust upon him quite suddenly, and he now must grab our hero before his chosen time and hastily prepare him to be the last line of defense. Every guardian of the realm has been converted to living flame, unmoving torch effigies, brightly light, yet mere shadows of themselves.
Our heroine finds said hero dying one day, and discovers she is a human incarnation of a valkyrie maiden. She saves him. They fight alongside one another, they love, they wed. She exchanges her powers for a special protection that will trade her sons for her husband’s magical ancestors in times of mortal danger. Together, they move into a suburban neighborhood...and the story begins.

Origins file: Quite honestly, I was revisiting the idea of a warrior champion reminiscent of the Iron Fist of my adolescence, during which period I also intensely enjoyed David’s issues of NOVA. This time the champion would be allowed to grow and mature in ways unexplored by restricted commercial characters. Our hero and his love, who becomes a valkyrie warrior, also have twins, in which I was entirely inspired by David, the big Iron Fist fan, and his love for Amy, who likes the Valkyrie; they also have twins! So in the brain storm, I thought about how I didn’t want to give the kids powers, too, just yet---that is, I wanted to do stories where Mom, Dad, and the kids all enjoy/ cope with being normal people. The normal people angle evoked Nova, Marvel’s effort to capture the “everyman teenager who leads a secret life where his hidden powers thrust him into superhuman difficulties” ethos that inspired Spider-Man. Now, Spidey’s powers are not the place to look for that “lightning-in-a-bottle”; the comparisons would be smothering, if the powers and backstory wre not fundamentally different. Nova’s concept inspired my own imagination, plus he was a favorite of Dave’s. I wanted Dave and I and our wives to collaborate on the content for an all-original story.

All-original was important: I have a wonderful Avengers story, only applicable as a sample of my writing unless Marvel’s buying, intended not only to encapsulate that type of adventure, but also to serve as the last part of a trilogy (though the beginning is a two-parter), in fact a post script that sets up events in the middle story behind the scenes. But they may work best as stand-alone adaptations, as they were not originally plotted as an arc, despite having my novel in common.

At any rate, one item I was dealing with was how a character named after Holt tied into the Dragon’s Line portion of the adventure, which hinged upon the presence of the captive Valkyrie, who he loved. I immediately thot of the less-used members of the DL, particularly Dangard, still searching the astral plane and future for the whereabouts of Nic, Marc, and Ray. The triplets---his adopted children with Wanda---also seemed to play into the search. Later, I began envisioning Holt’s sons, in adult adventurer versions, joining the quest. I wasn’t sure why Amora would work with the absorbing man and his crew, but last night I figured out Odin placed a ward to prevent her, Loki, and other Asgardian of malicious intent from entering the hiding place of the melted Destroyer robot (the maguffin). The story seemed to have something real to say, so I stuck with it despite the usual derision (usually justifiable?) of fan fiction (“it’s a pastiche, I keep saying...”). The important thing seemed to be that I could later remove the Marvel characters and still design a new adventure, but Now I see that David, his boys, and the connection to the Dragon’s Line should be lifted for an entirely different story---indeed, they together create a new story engine.

“So how do I protect the kids from mortal harm if they don’t have powers?” I asked aloud. What if there was a way to swap the kids to somewhere safe? Interestingly, I had somewhere to send them, logically, if they traded places with the Triplets, who presently dwell in the Misty Hazel’s Garden realm in the fifth dimension (or sixth, maybe). Initially, I didn’t make that connection, not till later in the hour, but I was sure the Trips switching places ala Captain Marvel would allow Mom and Dad to continue their adventures. What kind of powers would the Trips have? So long as they have the power to bring those boys back safely, it works. So far Marc Kane is the one who’s written them at all, and she says she knows they are telepaths and will be empaths in time, capable of psychometry and other feats. They are, magically speaking, initiates. As the twins grow older, their switches will conjure their similarly maturing counterparts, according to Marc.

How did their mom get this deal? I postulated, initially, she sacrificed her powers in order to gain this magical boon, to cast said protection spell in times of danger. She has retired, as has her husband, to raise their family and have a normal life together. Some phenomenon will occur that calls upon them both, and in the bargain, the children will be able to link hands and vanish---and since the Trips are known to dwell in Misty’s Garden sometime after the passing of their parents, why not send them there?

So! How was their Mom unique from Valkyrie? While thinking over the different motivations/ stories given to Marvel’s own, it became clear she could be a Valkyrie incarnated as a human (the Don Blake scenario occurred to me as well, and i knew I wanted her to have a blinding transformation trope). However, she is 100% really a human, a choice made by her spirit as her career as a Valkyrie began...and ended! Apparently, she was fascinated by the world from which the valkyries drew their fallen heroes to bring to Valhalla. Moreover, said heroes ceased to come to Valhalla; whether they are simply going to some other place, it is not known. It seems unfair, after all, to say no dies a hero on a battlefield anymore. So she chooses a human incarnation, and the plan is that she is looking for heroes, and the first one she meets activates her powers as the Valkyrie Maiden, clothed in navy blue and cloaked in mahogany.

However, the hero she finds dying truly does not want to die---is from an entirely different spiritual discipline, and is in fact an atheist. His name is Sun Strike, and his origin is a cross between Nova and Iron Fist, made original by the writing itself, providing details such as the solar-powered nature of the realm whose champions stand like statues of living flame, rendered inactive by the technology of an invader from the future. The mentor specifically is intended to be an asshole, his response to being left out of the ranks of champions and his fear that they will not be resurrected. At any rate, he embodies the great power of the champions, yet, only by training and concentration can he access said power and possibly free the realm from oppression. At this much later date, he roams the earth as Sun Strike (I believe the name inspired the solar-powered nature of the realm). Strike has wound up in a Scandinavian milieu and quite possibly gotten himself killed, save for her efforts. Trust me, he will make it worth her while as soon as he can.
So here came his name...soon came her name, both run by the Marc Kane in the space of a few minutes.

From about nine till midnight I kept revisiting the new idea, while also working out my Avengers story besides, confirming Thor’s choice of disguise to keep tabs on the villains, the nature of the Deviant’s technology, and revisited the vision of the Trips leading the sons to the Norn Stones, which fall into the hands of their father, who is without powers in this reality.

So! What are Sun Strike and Valkyrie Maiden's real names? A question for another time, and one to which I am open for suggestions...