Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pet Names, Anyone?

Pet Names

“That’s not bad…you should become an advice columnist,”

said the handsome veterinarian, helping Abigail’s pet

out of his own pocket at the clinic. When her teaching job dries

up as her career begins, that piece of advice becomes the new

way Abigail makes her living. But the person who gave it will

hardly return the favor and take the advice: “let love into your life.”

There’s your back of the book quote; it’s useful to have an end in sight, after all, LOL. In theory, PET NAMES is the title. Well, then, we’re almost there, right?

Abigail (?) or just Abby to most who know her takes her sick animal to the clinic. Doctor there has a tiny assistant, his precocious niece Merriwyn or just Merri, with her knack for recalling pets by name and zeal to help at the age of five…

Well, you can see the possibilities from there, friends. Now what I wanna do is weave in suggestions and hear stories from teaching, your pets, health care, or whatever life experience you feel like sharing. While I understand the vet who deals with a painful secret and a shattered home life leaving him emotionally distant, and while over the standard course of pages he’ll eventually learn to make an appointment for love :-d ,
I’ve still not settled upon any part of his name.
At this point, anything is up for grabs, but if I include details from friends, it makes a cool way for anyone at all to get involved with something creative without having to devote much more time than it takes to read this! When it’s all finished, we’ll remember we did it together, and that’s one thing no one can ever take away. OH, yeah, and if I’m going to put together 190 to 250 pages of any one story, you can bet we’ll try to take our laughs all the way to the bank! But, I can spell, I can make the time, and it’s the one thing I can get the most of you to check out and share, which is really too cool, and when before could the process ever be done this way? So pass your stories along to or my social pages.

Your friend Cecil

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