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Calinferno! Marvel's Defenders meet the world of TRANZ


A green dune buggy roars down highway five in the Southern California afternoon, spilling sand from its beachside trek. Its occupants: a firecracker Bay Area girl in red tresses, with a hint of jasmine and seawater, hanging out in her home state, showing the palm-tree studded sites within the shade of coastal mountains, to her blonde, half-smiling Norse friend, every inch the Valkyrie, melting just a bit in the easy going company, the newly clothes, the silver Marc Antonio high heels she took off to feel Ocean Beach, pulled up to the seat.

“Patsy, do you think we are abiding the speed limit?”
“Oh, sure, Val! Whoo-hooo!”
“I only ask because a speeding ticket would cramp your style.”
“Yeah! They hate it when I don’t have a license!”
Patsy Walker shares a common secret with her friend: another name, another life. Every since the day a housewife drop out made a deal for a prowess enhancing costume, she plays the adventurer, Hellcat.

The name suits the lady.
"Avengers Clearance, right?" says Patsy. "Well, I don't know, Hank tells me about this Gyrich fellow throwing his weight all around Avengers Mansion. Val, remind me to check on that...WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" “Not nearly as comforting as riding my winged Aragorn, but a rush...” she thinks. “Ready to go off road? Pumpin’ some Sublime, catching a wheel in the desert---you can say you partied down, Val, in the style of So Cal!” “Warrior maidens did not go for spin-outs in Asgard.”
Not nearly as comforting as riding my winged Aragorn, but a rush...” she thinks.
“Ready to go off road? Pumpin’ some Sublime, catching a wheel in the desert---you can say you partied down, Val, in the style of So Cal!”
“Warrior maidens did not go for spin-outs in Asgard.”

“Couldn’t be heaven without a way to fly! But does your tummy tickle in the realms celestial? Like it will when we catch air off this dune? Owww!!!!”
“It’s a little (uh) like training a pegasus, I guess.”
“Haha! “
“Woo-hoo! Mom used to bring me down to Malibu to model, and I’d beg her to let me see the ocean. As soon as I could, I started sneaking down the coast for the weekend! Charm schools never teach ladies a spin out like THiS! “

VRROOM! rrrUNunanunnanunna Vrooooom! SWahhsshh!
“Woooo! Hech-keff! Having fun

“Just remember I’m a good deal more indestructible than you, Patsy!”

“Hahah! I thought those guys were going to strain their necks watching you

at the beach. Golly, everybody!”
“How is it again you say this is a good thing?”
“Look, Val---you are almost six feet tall, blond hair, powerful from the inside out, shapely as a statue---you are going to get looks. I get my share, too, and I tell you why that’s okay. They’re giving energy you can use, if you figure out how to take it and use it for your own---take the attention and let add it to your strength!"
“Sometimes I find the leers less than flattering!”
“Yeah, but look! At least you don’t threaten to run them through with Dragonfang so much anymore! Take what they offer for yourself, asking nothing, and taking nothing you don’t want. I don’t feel like an object, really. It’s just beauty, and I play my part in its appreciation! They are connecting with something, and I have my own understanding of that something---and I let it serve one, big bad purpose...”
“To make you happy.”
“Yeah, you know it! Gimme a hug, girlfriend! You’re gonna figure out this crazy world yet.”
“I will always be an outsider, I think. The Defenders give us a common cause, even if we are not a team... but it seems to have given me something I’ve not felt since my exile from Asgard...”
“A migraine?”
“No...a sister...”
“Aww! Oh, that’s my phone! Hillie, baby, que onda?”
A young man is depicted with short brown hair and piercing but jovial eyes, holding a cell phone.
“Nada mucho, Hellcat! I can’t believe you’re really out here!”
“When you saw me on Dollar Bill’s home page and added me as a friend, you didn’t know what you were starting, huh? Hah!”
“All set to meet me at Castles in the Sand Bar and Grill?”
“Sure! Say ‘hi’ to Val, Hillie!”
“Uh...hello! Cool! How are you?”
“I know the feeling! So Patsy, am I going to meet all you Defenders?”
“Easier said that done, kemo sabe! There’s no membership set in stone, it’s really just whoever can show up when there’s trouble. So if you’re around when That happens, hang onto to your director’s chair!”
“I’m the master of no-budget cinema---I’m sure I’d find some way!”
“If you meet our pal Kyle, though, let’s just say he had a reality tv-type disaster, last time our pal D- Bill shot a documentary...everyone this side of Captain Ultra stampeded his Riding Academy for a membership you might not wanna, you know, bring up the idea...”
“Oh! Hahah, if I can just have a drink or two with you ladies in peace, that would make my month! All I do is edit these days!”
“Well, all work and no play, man...”
“Right! Think you’ll be there around 7?”
“IF we can keep the beach bums from turning our heads, we should arrive in good form! When you hear the royal flourish, roll out the red carpet, okay?”
“You bet, Patsy! Later!”

A woman, standing cloaked, looks up as though from the midst of a great fissure opening so far beneath the earth the sky is but a sparkling crevice.
I cannot identify my location, but only trust my intentions, from when I did knowingly cast my last spell on Earth, to send with the Slave Box we banished the one quality it could never contain: hope! Where, then, is my love, Nicola? I feel you all around me! That is only an answer of sort to one critical piece.
Where, Solskin, my brother? You sealed the Slave Box from Man, but I sense a gulf, like a thousand circles’ journey in every way beside the sun! We are as near as dreams to that world long after we did walk, though fell we there into the mountain’s maw only moments before...if I am near again to the Earth, then, too, my lost brother, what of the temptations and powers within the Slay Box? If already we have given three lives to rid our world of its influence, would that I had but one more with which to strive, with a conceptual force which humanity has never understood...lurking, connecting, drawing once more the power mad pawns and monsters.
“World, where are you in time? No moment for surrenders!
Earth, I cry to end this crime:
Who Call You Now, Defenders?”

“Ripped Open Dreams” or "Calinferno!"
written by Lue Lyron
Featuring art by Lue Lyron, with Marc Kane
Hellcat, the Valkyrie, Doctor Banner, Kyle Richmond, and Machine Man are all trademarks of Marvel Comics. Gnomlins appear courtesy of Danny Johansson, from his upcoming domain, SEMIECARDIA, copyright 2009 Dark Poet Trees; Remus Sharptooth and Corpse Flower created by Cody Guinon and Lue Disharoon, copyright 2009 Cody Guinon; all other characters and photographs copyright 2009 Integr8d Soul Productions. Edited, produced by C. Lue Disharoon

A man and woman are seated, eyes closed, hands clapsed, in the middle of the woods. The man is dressed as though in silks and a cloak and hide boots that seem to suggest he is a Viking; the woman is dressed in a smart variation on the flapper skirt with a playful yellow and orchid pattern, and bangles, suggesting the Roaring Twenties. There is a supernal darkness that seems to imbue every living thing with an eerie luminescence, as the Viking snaps his eyes open and says, “I could hear her...she senses me, but she sees me not...”
His face is filled with a mournful sadness, but the grief washes away before Emma Johansson’s eyes, as he looks earnestly into them. “She senses this world is where the peril of Slay Box has fallen. She believes, if we could only locate her brother...did you see?”
“I believe I can sense who we are looking for,” she replies. “The energies of the spell, similar to those of you, its one survivor...”
“And I, but a shade at that! Your mercy provides me my one hope, that we see this banishing through...” He reaches out to brush her cheek. “I do not know why you have been called to summon me to consciousness, Emma Johansson. All I can promise you is a glimpse at madness, and magical dangers that provide such dangers as my thousand year leap from one side of time’s channel, to another!”
“It doesn’t matter if I understand,” she replies. “All I can do is promise to help you find your partner...and pray that together you can summon the power to subvert this otherly intelligence that precedes you from the Dark Ages.”
“And pray, also,” she thinks, “ I do not foolishly lose my heart by your side, for you love another...”

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Vanishing Wave, conclusions with Reed Richards

Vanishing waves, part ten: Mr. Fantastic

How did the box connect with the future in the first place?

Will it happen again?

Does it represent some continuous loop

into the past, back through to the future?

In the streets cupped by the surrounding mountains, Reed holds the helmet from his vanishing waves adventure, speaking into a thin headset: “Still processing the sights given to me while I analyzed the phenomenon.”

“What does it say about our salvation as a race?”

“Furthemore: is it a key to our continued existence in the biological and extra-corporeal sense---a place of life beyond life, or is it life beyond death?

I realized there could be no shortcuts to what the Box promised to do---that we as a species must find it in ourselves to live open to love, to share more fully in the qualities we consider, as an aggregated form, our existence.”

“Reed, I’ve been wondering about something, I can’t shake! Can we say the people did not choose to vanish with the vanishing wave, in some profound sense? What of those who have reappeared---and why is it everyone’s NOT reappearing---“

“---and why are they returning in different quantities in intervals I’ve yet to discern as a clear pattern for prognosis? There’s little from which to forecast, I’m afraid, to the pain of those who wait.”

“How will the lives of those returned be changed forever?”

“Just stand close to me a minute, darling. I’m so glad your face is visible to me.”

“Reed, while we’re still on this coast,
I’m offering to stay and look for others.
We’ll see if there’s anything we can do.

I still wonder what became of that kid who did the drawing--it all flew by so fast---“

“Johnny and Ben will be back any minute. We’ll all return there as a group---well, they’re coming in the living room now!”

“The people who made it back will have the best bar stories wherever they go! Say, Stringbean, I wondered if you came out of this thinking: Mebbe this lil’ glimpse of the horizons of existence will make it a less frightening thing to fear, while we all face the unknown…who better’n me to conquer the fear of a change?”

“Hah! I guess!”

“Listen, I had a good walk! If we can just stay out here long enough for me to do the Stingaree, I would feel like a normal guy! I know that’s deliciously selfish, so I ask you: what difference is left for us to make?”

“We have little other choice than to play it by ear! But seventy-five percent of the people who vanished have returned, leaving me with questions for another day!”

“Who would’ve ever thunk it?
Bashful Benjamin J. Grimm, fightin’ a world menace with inner peace! Inner peace! Ha! Me, I can’t wait to get back to New York!”

“I think Sue and I will take Franklin and make the trip up to North County ourselves. Why don’t both of you go have some fun? Brother-in-law?”

‘Unless I get called in on a wildfire, I think I’m going to rent a convertible in La Jolla and drive over to Dog Beach. See ya!”

“I didn’t know Johnny could surf.”
“I don’t think he’s going to surf.”

“Don’t wanna fall asleep at Sea World, Alicia---I’m liable to wake up tucked away in an aquarium!”

“Then we’ll take up donations for viewing!”
“Aw, go play with your sand pail!”

“I’ll keep you describing everything, Ben, don’t worry about staying awake!”

“Then I’m gonna quit before I git fired! But lissen, if you two see a newborn in a hotel room without a door up on Mission, send along my congratulations!”

“Have fun, all three of you! Say, sweetie, we can eat while we work…”

“I’ve got an improved scanner for testing residual elements of the wave…plus there may have been something left I missed on the mountain…”

“Inland’s warm, Reed, don’t let Franklin forget sunblock, either.”

“We can check all three locations over the space of the day.”
“You never know if someone’s going to come back with a helpful eyewitness account, either. And in the woods, at one place, I was certain I’d made two figures visible, and I
Wonder who they were?”

“So goes a working vacation for the Fantastic Four, honey.”

“You’re right, Reed. For us, the only mystery would be if there was no mystery!”

THE everlovin’ END!

Thanks always to Stan and Jack

Written by Lue Lyron & Cecil L. Disharoon, Jr.
Art by Lue Lyron, w/ Marc Kane

Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm the Thing all copyright 2009 Marvel Entertainment Group. All remaining characters and concepts copyright 2009 Integr8d Soul Productions. Made in U.S.A.

Vanishing Wave, part nine: Franklin Richards

The Vanishing Waves, Part nine: Franklin Richards
son of Reed&Sue

(p.33 in comic form)
My Daddy tries to find the Box that’s causing so much trouble. I can hear him and see him, even though I’m really asleep and I’m just there in my dreamself:

“Perhaps if I can realize its location, I can concentrate on evading its effects on my morale!”

I can see the Box just fine, from where I was standing with my friends! They seem like they’re gone into the giant black robots! I concentrate, and make Daddy see me, and rush over to the Box: “Here! Don’t worry, the good part of the bad guys is trying to take them over and make them stop!” He talks again:

“Good…boy, Franklin! Uhh! Logic seems the only means to preserve my psyche! I’ve no choice but silence and shape! To avoid the Box’s control,… I must ‘become’ the box!”
Just like that, Daddy shapes himself like the Box, covering the whole thing so Mommy can see it clearly.
“Reed! It’s helping! I’ve got a spherical shield now in place…
I’m going to hold it or die!”


(p. 34)
My uncle Johnny’s yellin’ too, and pulling these cool purply-pink flames towards his hands: “There’s massive thermal radiation from the juncture! I’m the only one who can contain it!”

“Maybe you should try more light!” I tell him.

I watch Uncle Johnny stand there just a minute in mid-air; then he relaxes, and begins to pour his light into the space where the robot fingers play in front of its eyes..
That’s when the hooded, smallest one I woke up walks over to Unca Ben holding a necklace, as he stands there with his mouth open watching my Mom and Dad try to close off the Box. Unca Johnny puts up a shield of fire as the big brother one shoots a freezing beam. You can’t see for the steam! I hear a soft voice, though:

“Man-Place-of-Hidden-Treasures! This charm will keep the Invisible Woman free!”

My Unca Ben stands between them and Mom, who’s shielding around the Box.
“Hey, we were just rumblin’ with ya and now you wanna put a friendship token around Susie’s neck?”

I’m glad they can make their robots talk instead of fight now:

“The language to describe this seems to bend to me from the knowledge of your time---then quickly!
If she is to remain free of the will of the Box, then please, place this upon her breast,
that she may feel hope. And you, Treasure-Place Man, I believe you must stand in peace,“

“Treasure Face Man?”

“I have never met a man formed like you!
Perhaps, this Box cannot so readily sicken your blood with corruption!”

“ Least I won’t tarnish! Enny idea how do I stop folks from disappearin’ and the world from crackin’ up like a spilt jigsaw puzzle? “

“Your form as the mountain of man will symbolize the volcano, the transforming dwelling place, whose inner fires channel the location for the Box to be nestled within a third extra dimensional convergence
point, related but not identical to your time and mine, beyond the two skies above!”

“Sounds like you got yer longshot-describing lessons from Stretcho!”

“Can you feel? I’m telling the truth.”

“If it’s the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded, just show me where to take my swing!”

“Stand there before the box! Raise your arms! Dig in your toes! Feed on the earth! Make it your form! And hold no fear in your stomach, lest the transmetamorphosis continue its vanishing waves!”

“Guess we can’t have that…sheesh, I get ta make hero and there’s nothing to clobber in sight! It’s like witchy Viking medicine person said, though, Johnny! And I swear, I hear her whisperin’ in the middle a’ this cosmic tornader! This is the nexus where ya gotta conquer the fear a’ the transformation whatis---it’s like the box is a failsafe, tryin’ ta relieve people a’ the burden a feelin’ trapped here…playing on some subconscious fear a’ acknowledgin’ the layers of reality outside a’ eatin’ lunch and doin’ the laundry! “

“Thing is, pardon the pun, everybody’s already gotta go when it’s their time; what gives with this inner-dimensional transit system?”

“That’s more Rubber Head’s department, kid! But ya know what seems be fuelin’ its intensity? It’s like a reaction to a deep fear that we can’t pull ta’gether on this planet! That we don’t got a chance with too many of us, and lost discoveries, and just us not unnerstandin’ the value of each other! But I ain’t no blamed decider a’ men’s fates! And I ain’t afraid no more o’ vanishing away!”

“You may not be vanishing,” says my Mom, “but these twisting fingers can be made invisible, right before this largest one’s face! They seem to be generating that second world.”

“Ben, the past in the sky---I guess that’s the past!---it’s rolling away like a cloud.”
Unca Johnny’s right. My friends have gathered around this spiral metal thing they pulled loose out of the scary machine; they’re starting to spin towards the sky, where the other mountain is! I hear thoughts in a soft voice:

“When the course of events spreads its own vanishing waves across the face of human kind, what shall pass into the unseen, and what remains to be known?”

Gotta ask Mommy and Daddy what they think that means…

Suddenly, all three of the friends on the other side are together again beside me. When I watch the oldest brother, I see him take up a gadget of the sort Daddy loves to create; a circle lights up around them. “Thank you,” he says.

I look at the one I found first, and I see ripples of the speed of things changing all around. And when my friend raises her or his hand, they all three turn into peeled off pictures and dust that carries movies, and soar like a hawk into upside down mountain’s world---would we be their sky?

I think they want to change things so people don’t have to disappear, maybe even help them come back. But some of the vanished people are already finding somewhere else to play.

Suddenly all the storms stop, and I hear birds, and Unca Ben heaves a big sigh and says:
“ Looks like humanity’ll get to keep choosin’ their own existence anuddah day…”

I can see that’s true, from the place I walk, until I open my eyes and see Aunt Alicia stand beside the window, touching it with her pretty fingers.
She turns to me, and I’m in our hotel room in San Diego, and I think I just had one of those real dreams where I can go see things with myself in dream where things are really happening somewhere.

And now…it’s quiet a second or two…

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Vanishing Wave, parts seven and eight

Part 7: Prince Nicola
Lafey Jerasun?

Weird mystery…
Feel you…
Searching for us

Now I know you are safe;
The last act I completed…

You were here made known:
Where is the here I find you?
And where from…do I find you?

I become part of the knowledge that is the place in space and time where
I’ve sighted my friends.

Reaching out into this world, perturbed invisible waters carry pathways which many walk in my direction, and no doubt beyond me, into infinity.

Some walk these pathways; others walk back to the homeworld that circles the sun;
Some transgress the cosmos, finding new forms,
And I bear witness.

How many lifetimes hence did this future world lie;
And something of my own lifetime ties to this transformation across everything.

You, I see, descend from the children of our magicks, the night before Ray, Abril and I fell with the Box to its final resting place.

Yet what now is final?

Even here, I see the Box resides in your mind, and from your imagination was it taken by some force back out to menace the world.

“Abril!” I screamed; the frozen world around us splintered.
I remember only the energies Abril used to pull that pillar of flame ---as though from nowhere!---towards us, as we tumbled from the broken ice cap.
Now I am where I started, inspired to search: where now are we,
Ray, Abril and Nicola, found?

Where are you, my lifelong partners? How might we champion those caught in the awesome fear of this invading passage of time? Mothers, afraid to be torn from their infants during birth; Lovers, carelessly leaving one another, only to return, words unsaid, to an empty room? Children, loved ones vanishing into thin air? What sort of bond arises, to stitch together the shattering remnants of certainty in utter turmoil?

While yet I see, there must be a way to stand against these fears! The chance to know what one may fear and yet live is, ever, all I asked!

(pg. 26)
What is it now to live, after the Breakthrough?

I find myself here now, still clueless of where I did quit ‘then’!

The sky answers forth before me; a second land sits upside down in the sky, a storming opening nearly wide as the horizon to the sea, into another time and place, that I know contains the truth.

All is unveiled as energy crackles from mighty fingers which fill me with awe and dread beyond all measure: fate is opened to two converging times as the hands crawl before the face of some massive idol, an unhuman of human-like shape yet without legs, melded from the metals of the earth, presiding from the mountain top as its gaze magnetizes upon its own flexing fingers that open Forever with a view down and into the world I knew, placed above us:

Before I assumed the flowing, accumulating knowledge of this time from shared human consciousness, we of the Dragon’s Line--- Abril, and brother Ray Awen, occasionally his old friend Nido and our stripling colleague Lafey Jerasun formed a core that continued my father the king’s mission to preserve items that conveyed the culture of our time for study in future generations. In our trades, travels, and troubles, we often dreamed how a world might exist where discoveries are preserved and languages written and read.

The mysterious benefactor that brought Abril the hawk Gaywen came to us shortly after the priestess of Inguz, Wanda, had joined our travels. “Rid the human race of this box,” he said, “whose contents had caused untold sickness.” Then as ever was it used and fought for as a weapon by regional bands of reavers, whose lore of tales of evil and foolishness lent it a mystical status; the need to dispose of it quickly, then, dictated a dicey ice cross.

We agreed to bury it in a mountain pass we’d reach by the next full moon. We fought off bloodthirsty pursuers and ambushes along the way. How it is we came to be stalked by some witch, I know not: never could we agree upon where she is seen, we who had used the superstitions of other parties to our own effect in times past.
Ray struggled ---as we all did---with the influences of the box; I am sorry, after long years, the events of last night divided our communication. The very next day the sunshine weaken’d our perch, and we who so long together stood, fell apart…

I see a man of these times---though like none other I did see---stretching his body in a serpentine manner, climbing the mountain surface quickly, wary as he nears the machine built to call upon these transforming waves.

From his belt, the strange-garbed man draws a device, which he continues to modify throughout his surreptitious movements.

I am moved by his intent to understand. I know not by what hand in that world I do so, but as my will reaches into the flow of particles that solidify to become parts in the machine of transformation, I send clouds that congeal into tiny pieces as he works, first without his noticing! Yes, now he knows, something intervenes beyond his powers, but glances are futile; time is of the essence.

He quickly dons the partial helm he has fashioned, and begins to see those that walk past me into the cosmos.

Now the world left by that wave
Changes, as though time is sped
And some remain, while some fade, and the earth erupts quickly into new shapes, melded by inherent forces that naturally occur over time, that tug fiercely at the future for its essence.

(p 28) People remaining develop new powers; they suddenly feel one another in new ways,
Sense one another’s emotions, untie themselves from the fear of doom. Is this meant to be the solution to humankind’s progress? Was ere it hidden in our purpose?

Suddenly, now, the flowing man, digesting his new perspective, realizes he stands at the feet of three large ebon warriors, like armor blacker than midnight come to life, the puppets of the Box…

Oh, no…I see now it is we, the ever standing core of the Dragon’s Line, who stand incarnated in mockery by the Box---over-human darkened selves, machines of our disconnected selves infused with fantastic might. The daggers of our desperately hurled past intentions stab this future time!

He pulls out a type of torch, only the flame sails as if by magic into the sky above, exploding into an Arabic numeral, 4.

I see the Box taken from the mind of our descendent clutched by the Darcane, who converges now to this place where they serve the manipulations of time and space.
Never did my wildest dreams reveal their true light!

I stand close beside the world in which I have no other physical presence save the giant slave of the Box that ripped open the elements of land and sea, a cornucopia flowing still into the hands of the Hell Ray who continues his insidious industry.

“Join us,” it says, gesturing almost humanly with an expansive sweep of the arm. “Embrace the only hope!”

“Not the only one,” he replies, standing fast as they approach.

I feel a touch at my hip…and a little child, through whom I can partially see, asks me if I want to help his daddy.

“Vanishing Wave, part eight: Abril”
I watch.

The ground disappears before the feet of the darkenselves find it;
From the front of some fantastic car, a gargoyle of living stone cryptically shouts to them:
“Cancel one bye-bye wave! I gotcha anudder one right here---it’s CLOBBERIN’ TIME!” The creature slams into the middle one with tremendous force, even as I sense some other conflict hindering its movements from the inside.

While I am certain the woman made the ground invisible, the flaming man who flies arrests me by his dazzling light. He glides into the face of the massive figure whose fingers seem to cull another world, inserted perversely through the skies, and declares, “I should be welding a Southern Cali chassis, instead of blasting you, Time Robot!” Some of the meanings, the emotions at least, unveil as I listen, but I am drawn to the smallest figure, the first to recover footing from the invisible ground. That figure embodies ME: lithely, nimbly skipping as the body of their leader stretches like animal hide, poking away at each point where my darkenself would obtain leverage. That self attempts to fire a darkened arrow while evading him, but the flaming youth shouts a warning, and the woman conjures protection none can see. Fascinating!

Behind them, the gargoyle, who I now see is some fantastic sort of man, crushes the other two figures together, still clamoring war cries: “This is whot happens when ya sucker punch a guy from Yancy Street!” At his feet tumbles now the Box, its dire purpose near to fruition.

I watch the woman make the Box visible on their plane, as my darkenself kicks the flowing man in the face. She cannot quite grasp it, essentially, but she knows that if she does not shield its effects from the world, the vanishing waves will continue. They roll back beyond me, as I seem to bathe in their cascades.

I must remember how to find Nicola and Ray! First I must remove the threat of this Darcane, whose skills will hinder the woman’s efforts to capture the Box. Will power alone requires exercises; I strike upon the idea of manifesting within the Darcane through the higher dimensional inspiration of music, to dance, and so take over its body with human rhythms, defying the enslavement of the Box!

But my plan must move quickly; even now her contact with the Box lacks precision, and so it draws from within her her own Darkenself, who begins to shimmer forth to the surface!

The flaming one has ceased trying to destroy the time totem, and in desperation has shot his energies through the rift into the time where originally I live! I watch the initial rays of heat strike the frosty ground there atop the ancient mountain, near the same position where we brought the Box for keeping within the molten core. This time, I see again the vanishing witch who seemed to pursue the Box; now I know she is just an echo of sorts, not the assassin we imagined. Our precious footholds
splinter into an avalanche cave-in atop the imploded volcanic neck!


Now, I see, from another perspective, how Nicola and I did survive in some other form; with déjà vu I see the pillar of flame appearing, charged with its amazing temporal energies from the future, and with magic do I command it to become the housing body for our unified spirits!
All hurts are fears thrown into the fire,
Once held, to become knowing, destruction, and understanding.

Now can I take the control of this Darken form! Fill with my rhythms, my heart, return to me my skill and knowledge harnessed by the Box! And here, I discover myself rising,
effected by the touch of a small hand. Where I exist, in worlds with walls as permeable as in dreams, I gaze into Nicola’s face, as vanishing waves sow their speedy transformation centered in the city hidden in the world below.

When the course of events spreads its own vanishing waves across the face of human kind, what shall pass into the unseen, and what remains to be known?

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Integr8d Fictions presents the PITCHED! anthology


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vanishing wave part six

Sue Storm Richards, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman.

If I was really sure what I am looking for, passing sweeps with my visibility power might actually tell us something about where everyone who disappears is...there are spectra beyond the visible, but when the phenomena is as close as your incomplete neighbor, maybe the answer to their disappearance has to do with migration into some otherwise unseen form, as though the waves have an extra dimensional mass that serves as its interface...can I make something visible from another dimension that is present invisibly?

Reed, I’m topside, about fifty yards from Johnny. He’s darkened, earthy, like he’s spoiling! And he’s about to burn some kid with a pillar of’s already a wildfire, I’m containing it now---do me a favor?
(via suit communicator) Yes?

Help me think of how I might make an extra-dimensional mass visible, and we might understand the vanishing wave’s interface.

There do seem to be extra-dimensional localities at work here; excellent idea, Sue.
You should have Johnny on the spot.

Ooo! He’s not himself. Quick-but carefully...
Reed : I’d say it’s been a longtime since any of us were too careful.

I’m okay, love. Find the needle in the haystack and we can sew this case up.

Troy: Aagh! Why!
Why? Is it?
You’re invisibly shielded.
Johnny! No! Stop it! Why are you crawling towards this guy to burn him? It’s not you, Torch.
Work with me! You can’t see yourself! In fact, I say you’re not visibly being yourself.

You know my invisible force fields; they can give like a trampoline or a battering ram, it’s up to
you, my brother. I’ll give as much as you give, either way. How ‘bout it? You in there?

Johnny: No! No, I...s'that...Sue?

Remember when we’d play in the woods--- how we’d pretend you hit me on your
bicycle? Sometimes I’d play a death scene, or we’d take each other to the emergency room for pretend? You’d pretend to hit me, then play injured yourself? It’s just’s in your mind...see through it...

NO barriers. You with me? Hold my hands a minute. You got it together?
Sis! I..! Sorry, kid! First thing, these flames! Rein it in, you little devils...FLAME ON!
You’re still holding a pencil.

Troy: I was ...sitting out here drawing...when he came up...and something lurking out here shot him... darkened his lights...
I’m listening. What were you drawing?

Branjelina...heh! I drew three grizzled vikings...weary in uncharted land.. and this I called it...I draw boxes plenty, but as I made it ornate this time,
I could feel everything inside me I don't understand, all pushed inside the
box...and I need to draw it, to be realize I'm outside of it...where everything
real is.

Still listening.
Searching the visible spectrum for any clue for what may very well be under my nose.
Why are all these bubbles of every color sitting here in the ultraviolet range?

We see it, too, Sis. Is that the cause---?

More like...if you put your hand on someone’s back while they chew, you can feel the vibrations, though you’re not at the source cause, you’re touching the effected body...

Johnny: Listen, man, I don’t know what shot me, but my sister may be able to make it visible; she’s a match for any sneak attacks.
If it’s all the same to you, I was sorta on my way to Canada.

Let him go, I guess, Johnny.
Just as well---Ben! Ben, do you copy?
These unstable molecule pajammies scan and copy like a new printer.

Ben: (via remote)
What bushwhacked ya, Torchie?
I didn't see, but good luck on the rematch. If we find ‘em, best bet is they’re converging on Reed.

Assuming they're particularly interested in us.

Let’s hope he finds them, first.
I did a number on this guy’s door and recruited his hotel room for some mid-wifery for an innercent bystander...I’ll be, the miracle of life in room two oh eight!
Just checkin’ in on somebody...them goons cleared out post-haste. You trackin' em, Sherlock Einstein? Or should we mebbe give Harry Potter a call?

Spectrum analysis reveals elements, by whose nature I presume can be fashioned parts for a machine or circuitry of some kind, flowing straight out of their place in the natural scheme of things to an approximate location which seems to process a steady stream of energy as elemen, like a molecular condensor, matter called straight out of the earth, air and sea.

Wonder what's left on their egg timer? We're still figurin' out the blamed rule book!

Everybody! This woman and man --- fading IN!

I’m making the invisible wall into a window...they’re looking into my eyes...I think... is she with child? She says they walked with those behind all this...what they are trying to do...but they are fallen...where can we reach?

Reed(still via communicator:
Susan? Who?!?

He’s saying to will claim your walk through our world.
Reed, I’m going to keep trying this, see through or sense’s like a reflection in gauze...

She means we’re doing it but we’re flying this section of the Fantasticar as hard as she’ll go in your direction!

Tune in to the electromagnetic spectrum with your onboard detectors, there’s a slim shot you may be able to predict and avoid the vanishing waves!

I dunno how we’re supposed to not fly into them waves, but if the Silver Surfer wuz here, I’d hook him to the back and go cosmic water-skiing!

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

vanishing wave, part five

Part five:
Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the powerful, stone-skinned Thing.

Ben: I’m about to take this whirligig down streetside! The seismic tremors are strongest right about here. Any word from Torchie?

Sue: His body temperature via telemetry sensors in his costume indicates sporadic use of his powers , but there’s no response.

Reed: I know what you’re wondering, darling. Your brother may need you immediately.

Sue: You’ve almost triangulated a third position?

Reed: I’m beginning to search for a different plane for that coordinate, true; a stream of particles seems to be converging further up in the mountains. If you go to Johnny, I will observe and do what I can.

Ben: Wish I could check in on Alicia and lil’ Franklin! Is there a perimeter for these vanishing waves?

Reed:There seems to be one expanding exponentially with each micro-second in every direction. It’s critical we find the definitive points of the disturbance.

Ben: Guess I win the prize, then, this is one definitely disturbed point! I’m hoppin’ out here! Something seems as determined to stir up a frenzy as much as rip up the turf!

Less this is an act ‘o God, sum body’s about to get a delivery of m’ Sunday best!
I’m onna ground, somethin like lightnin’ strikes clawing out the earth, and some kinda weird ray shining at the pointa extraction!

What a chowderhead! I almos’ missed that couple slow gettin’ off the scene! I think she’s preggers!

Reed:If she’s going into labor, you must be absolutely careful!

Ben: Sheesh! Wotta revoltin’ development!
Mister, I can get her out o’ here faster’n you can!

Mr. Thing! Her contractions started before this earth storm!
Please, I don’t wanna disappear, I just want my baby to be okay! People are vanishing, help us!

Ben: Awright, keep yer maternity britches on! You’re comin’ off the field! Uh, you CAN be picked up, can’t ya?

Maybe –uuhh! Just another minute! Hurry!

We’re gonna go for it, then! You! Run for that hotel! I may not be the first guy you’d think ta call inna flash, but you shoulda seen the ol’ Grimm Reaper run the gridiron at Ee –Es- Yew!

Here’s hopin’ there’s room at the aunt Petunia would forgive m’ manners for not knockin’... *SMASH!*

Hey in there! I’m kickin your door down! And I’m totin’ a pregnant woman, if ya got the number for Marcus Welby, Emm Dee handy!

Please, Mr. Thing, do you know what is happening? It’s as though some invisible wall is swallowing people! How can that be!

Ben(over communicator): Hey, Susie, you can make things that are invisible so’s you can see’em again, right? Any chance a’ finda these people that flash out right before your eyes?

It’s worth a shot! Engaging Johnny’s location in two minutes; be careful, Reed.

Ahh-iieeee-ahh! Huh-huuuh!
She’s crowning!

Sorry! Gotta leave ya to yer royal pain! You! Deep breaths! You! Warm water! You! Hold her hand, for chrissakes! I’ll be right back with the cee-gars in no time!

Ben, do you see the cause of those tremors?

Uhhf! Hang loose, Stretch, think we’re about to get inner-duced!
I’m gettin’ slapped around, but there’s nuthin’ on my touch-pad scanner ‘till he strikes!

Least I’m drawin’ its fire, though he’s gonna wake up San Andreas Fault if he keeps rockin!

Fortunately, I know a thing or two about rock...come on, then, ya invisible fink! Come get a piece a’ this! Cause I can stand here and throw punches and kicks out in every direction! Step up! We kin do this all day! You’ve come ta Mission Avenue to get finished, courtesy of the every lovin’ blue-eyed Thing!

Yeah! I see ya now!
You slip around like a blamed ninja, but you still gotta work inside my guard!

It’s just toughness against toughness when ya get up close! And you gotta get close! And what you get is HIT! Uhhh!!!! If I can just get my mitts on ya, I can rassle as good as the next champ...

Whut the heck?!? Some kinda beam! Feel like I been hit with the sun or somethin!

Gotta...gotta get yer craggy eyes, Benjy-boy, it’s a knock-down but y’ain’t been dragged out yet...I see ‘em from a worm’s eye view: there’s two of them bums, big shadow dudes...or is that just me?

The Vanishing Wave, part four

featuring Johnny Storm and characters from TRANZ

Troy, a teenaged runaway
I have a completely dope drawing in mind, as I get away from it all: let Rex and Carina kill each other, I don’t want any politics or I’d have just kept up a phony routine to stay on that farm in Oklahoma with Dad’s old uncle and his family...Three Sister Tattoo Parlor could be gone tomorrow, but I’ve learned not to worry.
People disappear. The more free they want to be, the more they gamble away the chains that keep them in this world...but I’m not just looking for some other people I don’t know, I think at the moment, my existence is caught up in this city that natives complain is just vanishing by the day.
It is a part of my own vanishing.

That’s why I love to walk to this cluster of woods, rarely seen, draw out the thousand bad drawings, drop out this year’s masterpiece in my little sketch book no one else sees, keeping the secrets of what I really wonder in wordless form.

I look again at the box, the one that inspired me to tie in the Viking people I started the same day...I must’ve laid them out a dozen times, they were made to go with the box.

And the’s Pandora’s Box shut tight, ready to radioactively explode, I dunno how you say it, it’s just pure evil and the cause of all loss, everything that loses us the world we could have if we all agreed to try...and I just want to spot its blacks, realize it, possess it. We only live outside the box. We have to know the Box to be free.

I’m making some kind of face when I notice the blond guy in the black jacket with the red flames, and then I shut my book defensively, and become irritated when I see it’s that celebrity scene chewer Johnny Storm.

“Hey, relax, amigo,” he says, easing his hands downward, pressing.

This could be as bad as running into a cop combined with an ultra level of cheesiness. This smug poster boy has everything the system can offer, ‘cause of a lucky break...

“No rule against sitting out in the woods,” I say.

“Yeah, I’m doing somethin more important than trespassing, kid,” he retorts. “Why wouldn’t you be glad to see me? Don’t you realize what’s going on?”

“Sure,” I said, positive I want no part in this.

I look over his shoulder as he absorbs my sarcasm, and notice the slightest motion from a figure utilizing the shadows of the woods, pulling a bow taut maybe thirty yards away. I can’t get the words out of my mouth when there’s something the eye cannot follow between them, then the figure vanishes.

When the “arrow” hits the Torch, he shudders visibly, then this look in his eye seems to collapse into...
A neutron star of radiation, and with glowing black eyes he grabs my pants leg, and begins to ignite it.

"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!"
He takes me down on my back with one pull, and suddenly I’m looking up breathlessly, unable to voice the scream I want to make as I crawl away and roll, facing one of my worse fears, dazed, stunned, and alone with the scariest version of the Human Torch I never wanted to imagine.
He laughs, like an excited bully, and runs after me as I scamper for life. I hear the limbs of trees begin to crackle with death behind me, now Run! Run! Run! Dad’s worst nightmare: a forest fire. And it’s funny that I think of him, sitting in his jail cell for helpin bomb a ski resort development, and how much he hates smoke, and how many months I’ve made it outside the system, I lived on rooftops until I could raise the money to for real get out of Indianapolis, and I take a long shot and get to sleep on the floor of a tattoo parlor training me to manage and I don’t care what attitudes get tossed around, it’s the closest thing to home sweet home that I cling to as I flee this flaming maniac, wondering why he doesn’t just fly over me and burn me to cinders, searching the woods for split second directions while I dread unimaginable suffering at the hands of this flaming sadist.

I hear him bellow behind me, in a way that barely sounds human at all, and some part of me tugs, compels me to look. There, he crawls now across the ground, still struggling towards me, clawing the ground as his skin becomes blackened and gray and almost mold colored, no flames unless you count the ones spreading through this dry timber. Whatever did this to him is still out here, too, I thought it was just a figment of my imagination...just as I refuse to believe in the pillar of flame slowly hovering and expanding towards me from the smoldering, fallen wreck of what was supposed to be a superhero...and I may think Torch is a jerk, but I’m pulling for him right now to shake this off, or I get cremated before I even die!

Monday, November 2, 2009

An homage to the friendship of overeducated fanboys

A homage to a conversation between overeducated fanboys (and not a rip-off)

You have to understand, reading comics is a solitary affair (though it is sometimes fun between the right people who don’t mind sitting close enough!), but much as an unpublished comic is never fully realized without its non-creator reader to give it its own special life (see “Double Articulation” blog commenting “On Gender”, an online treasure), the friendship and humor built from a language of the sparkling personalities who read them and otherwise participates in the world is required as a catalyst to extract the continuing pay-out of fandom. In other words, it’s not just the treehouse, it’s the club house banter inside that makes it what it is.

I’d been drawn into several chats with distant family, in lieu of the story with which I’ve wrestled of late, still sitting behind an as-yet-unfulfilled desktop shortcut, when my old pal (one without kids---yet!) who has of late begun an affair to remember with my sister (also a passing, casual comic book fan in days of old) decided to respond to my summons across the internet, in my merciful attempt to console him as I have her, with wit and reflection, following her necessary return here to America from her visit to him in Sri Lanka as she ties up business and realizes she in fact is willing to go back and be by his side until he can overcome his country’s corrupt officialdom and achieve freedom to depart “Shit Land” once and for all. That’s a pretty good story, itself.

I must confess I have been hoping to marshal mental forces to tackle the one story
am practically ready to draw a pentagram and actually summon Azuthar
I've been through some...interesting times with my sister, but it all made clarity when seeing it as your sitch
We have been having a marvelous time
I think she gained a lot of perspective from her visit
How about channeling Steve Ditko or Jerry seigle or that good egg the Martian Manhunter
Old jerry it seems had quite the life
An ubermensch objectivist who likes Oreos?
Is he the one who was blind by the time of the Superman movie?
I was reading up on his life
and his other works besides Snuppermann
I thought perhaps you might be chatting with my sis
I am we are talking about food
I enjoyed the details about the outdoor kitchen and the means of ventilation inside via spaces between wall/ ceiling
You have to have that here or else spend a ton on Air conditionong
and that would short out the grid like Electro's last ransom plot
Although I keep thinking about major Bummer's invention. a generator thjat is powered by a single AA battery that produes electricity for a whole house and the by product is ice
Haven't thot of the proto-slacker hero in almost a decade
Remember you loaned me those books that stringy loaned You
Ok you remember
Heck yah
Those times gathering at Stringy's are remembered so fondly---we were just reminiscing over their Halloween party.
I have been enjoying reading ABC's Tom Strong and others
Quite good
Weird, I was just reading about Rick Veitch and his ABC take when you popped up
I was retracing my swath through the comic scholar blogs
That means you have to figureout a way to download it and read.
Read what exactly, effendi?
waitaminnit, I was swiping from STanLee but it feels totally weird calling YOU effendi
ABC comics which are available for dopwnload
Ooo, Promethea included?
I can never find free torrents before I give up and find something else to read
I am on issue 6 of it right now
It really started to get good around 6
We were reading Kaballah in those days
OK you need to install Azureus or Usenext as your download programme
and then go to
until Angela read enough of it to start feeling weird tingles and decided maybe we neeed more knowledge
and type Tom Strong or promethea
Wish I could get Immortal Iron Fist the same way...dying to read 1-16
It's available go to isohunt
So that's the ticket!
I must
Sorry got knocked of the internet
I copied your isohunt torrent instructions
Thats awesome
Goodie goodie
Now if only they have Steve GErbrer's Defenders
from 1975=6
Now all you need is a cbr programme
Look for Marvel silver age pack
I will hold this old Tomb of Dracula under my nose and pretend I'm reading old comics
cbr programme?
comic book reader
Oh boy anticipating our future wildlife hikes
No Ceramic Ball roller quite useful. For what I dont know but useful
and the crazy places we will resurrect Anything Goes School
Ceramic Ball Roller? Did youfind it in a massage parlor in Bangkok
Bed and I are talking aboot my return as a Martial artist and Dancer
Nope at James tailor (Note: NEVER let a cabbie trick you into going to see “James Tailor” in Thailand.)
I've seen fire, and I've seen rain/ I've seen tourist scams that I thot would never end
Way of the intersecting Toe
Thats what James tailor will see in his face
Muy Toe
although their Sales technique is quite reminiscent of the Humphries/Lucas/Granger method
Conning the mugs
Lost your last post please re-post
oh=--conning the mugs
Forgive this insignificant insect's wording...
but where does the ceramic ball roller fit in?
Up james Tailors ass. While I tell him dont worry it will ride up with wear
Actually, wheezing like Muttly so as to not awaken Angela dawn
LOL! That is good on the third read still
James tailor was our plumpo in Thailand (We will have to discuss Plumpo another day, based on a real person)
Almost every Taxi driver tried to take us there If we did not watch out
Deb enjoyed telling me about her method
we ended up there against our will
Bruce Wayne as a disguised Muy Thai fighter (nah), beetle and booster at James Tailor's...
I smell Justice League Int'l (fan fiction idea alert! Save us) would love to write them another valentine
Same here
You know, I've no individual to thank, but much as Debra has given life back to you, you have given me back my sister, as I rememember her before I got married
but with the decade and a half of learning as well
I think her visit to Thailand opened her eyes to the Multiverse
And huzzah, she was ready to love again like love is fresh, exciting and new
we are making plans in Canada, thailand and sri Lanka because we dont know where we are going to end up in
Nerve wracking , yet imminently exciting!
Let me tell you, she throws in behind her man 100%
I know
Thats good
(provided he doesn't turn out to be a disillusioning, half-ass sort of person over the course of the following year or so)
Yeah, we have the kind of women you could pioneer with in the Old West
That one line has brought an ingredient to "Western Surprise" that I've been lookn for now over the past week
Lost your last post again (Note: power outages are de rigueur for Sri Lanka)
Yeah, we have the kind of women you could pioneer with in the Old West
That one line has brought an ingredient to "Western Surprise" that I've been lookn for now over the past week
I've finally gotten past bemoaning that the people I made the damn thing for would never comment back about it
Now I am excited about a sub plot
Once you become great they will
They can offer their copies to the museum
Whadya mean "once"?
I totally got off on Guy Gardner guffawing at you though I actually sympathised profoundly
He would've been nice if it was Ice crying tho
er.... S.H.E.E.S.H. um er er I mean at once
As a story teller and a friend, I was so moved by your accounts
...and every girl in the audience would be crying, "no, go back, can't you see he NEEds you?"
very touching
Thats what I am missing touching her
and thush, I have to make a joke to put its sentimentality in the shade, as though I don't know
She was not back in U.S. 24 hours before she made her mind up that she should go and hang with you until you have escaped Dung Land
Shade the changing man?
I was just being a Dick-Toe
(which is what I used to called him)
Same here
The intersecting way of the toe strikes again
I loved his Missing Man series
OH! I must've...missed that one
Love the notion, but how do you come up with a costume that says "Missing Man?"
OH! God find Steve Ditko's Missing Man and read every issue. It isa agreat comic
a) proverbial trenchcoat, or
Aha. I know a Steve Ditko character you dont know nya nya nya
b) side of milk carton
Yeah, probably glossed over him while reading some Dick Toe scholarship in the English building computer room years ago. Some 80s Dick Toe?
(juvenile snickering) That seemed right
He did some work for a company whose name I cant remember
I will send you a lonk soon a link and Not Patrick Link
If only because I remember what he was up to through his time contemporary to the second coming of Kirby at Marvel
I'll take the Lonk as well
Will you send me the "Missing" Link?
Jesus, this is reading like a Peter David comic book PUns
Guess that was round the time he did his totally made-up-by-me adaptation of Atlas Shirked
or was that Atlas Slipped?
lol @ my own jokes sure sign of sleep depravity
I think it was atlas Jerked
LOL 7:27amJohann off (watch closely, this is that ethereal point from which writers find their ideas)
And asked Hercules to hold the world while he did it
“Golden Apples my ass, I've been waiting since the defeat of the Titans to squeeze one off!"
God, I feel a nasty parody of the 12 labors coming on
Taking in account Hercule's personality and his Braggadochio I think thats what really happened
yeah, we need a character calling his bullshit while he relates the tale
A Robert Crumb visitation of the mythology
I think thats why he raped his cabin Boy
Right on top of the "Golden Fleece"
Good one
Now we know why he had to adjust his lion cloth on his shoulders before taking up the world again: Atlas had spunked all over it
You know old Herc the Jerk fucked anything he could
At least according to the version I read
I see how a Crumb-inspired take on him would totally work
Some one should do it
I wonder if
I've been brooding over a much-t00-serious metaphor/ story for solving my deepest darkest shit, and all along I've just needed a hysterical laugh, I think
If only I knew where to publish it, I would go for it
Sometimes thats all we need
We could call it the real Hercules
But what a jarring tone that would be next to my devils on the mountain story or NACB or IMMORTALS IN TRAINING
is it like " The Pantheon" ?
i think, to avoid having to hand it over in a volume of such things things, perhaps online?
you mean this idea here?
About the real Hercules?
Online will get you noticed and a lot of people I see online,
That do online comics, sit on panels during comic con
You know, yesterday it hit me: not only do I need to figure out what t-shirt premium would work and how to fund it, but also the size of a volume of say 100 t shirts and how the fuck I could haul it to San Fransisco for Wonder Con
I think I would die...maybe I need to get someone stronger to carry Jerkules
or Angela, maybe
Get friends to help
Failing wich blackmail
I would need a divine blessing to have such enthusiastic hangers-on
They would be a new development
I can't count on anyone who has the strength or interest out here as yet, sad to say
I know
I would have to pay them off
if I was there I would help
But it's not impossible
Yeah, I know
Now, I could do it for Comic Con! (I actually reside in San Diego)
"The Real Hercules" t-shirt is starting to form from the body of Cronus in my mind
Not sure I should depict ATlas jerking off, but maybe I am underestimating how much wilder California is
He had a big belly from eating all his kids
That is almost too delicious a literary joke for a t-shirt
Now that was a bad dad
I think it would be acceptable in California
It never hurts to give it a try Said Casanova to the Nun
specially if he was spunking with his back turned and Hercules is holding up the Earth with an annoyed look
What are we now, Mae West?
You know, Crumb and Groo are both good inspirations for said t-shirt design/ character design
She is a personality that made California what it is
Perhaps even a shameless rip-off is in order, Idk
You have hit upon much of what I love about California
and Mae West hit on everybody:-)
It's not a rip off it's homage
Bruce Banner could really use a Shameless Rip0ff shirt
some times I wonder about you
I started calling my "fan fictions" by the name of "pastiche" in an effort to get snobs to read them
The thing about that is you got to start a forum and creat a few different id's and comment on your own work as 5 or 6 different people and get dawn to create 4 or 5 id's and comment as well
Thats how Valkeri Yukki became popular although you never heard that from me

Like the time Steve Englehart wrote a letter to the coumn of a comic that had bothered Stan Lee b/c of religious content (doctor strange, the Sis/Neg saga) and preteneded to be a preacher from Texas who approved
OMG it's something I haven't tried
Give it a shot
You know, I posted my goddamn Integr8dFix blog (the one for pastiches and commentary) on my wall...
and I commented in my status, "I would like to reach just one other person with my story" or something
and four people liked " it
Create a few fake id's and start commenting
Thats good
and accordin to my counter, not a damn one of them went to my blog site to read it
They thought I was talking some kind of poetic bollocvks you think up when you are snookered
But hey lemme let you go and pay attention to my Honey! after all this is our special time
I will try the idea, what the hell
at elast they will admire my balls if they see through my ruse
my ceraminc rolling balls
Like the Bald man once told me Deny everything untill they shove concrete proof in your face
otherwise it's their word against yours
Yah! It worked for Hamid Karzai
Whose he? Enlighten memy man
"ways to win an afghani election through fraud (and sexual deviance
He's the president. His opponent, I swear, is Prof. Abdullah Abdullah
(what is this, a Tin Tin comic?)
you made a Tin Tin joke yay!
and Abdullah Abdullah has quit the re-election bid because of accusations of fraud
I aim to please
and I tend to grow
Glad it worked! extra points
Well, I gotta help Gerard Depardieu with some menhirs...
man you are getting good
although I thought he made a horrible Oblix
At least he had the stones to try to carry it off, mate
i'll give him that
You'll give him a menhir? Oh.
! gaulish Menhir and a egyptian menhir
Well, thanks for everything, if not for you I might have shamefully enlarged my 90s X-Men comics collection and be arguing at this moment with some asshole in his mom's basement about whether Superman should be able to lift Thor's hammer
If he did, it'd be like, "this thing's weakening me! got to throw it, it's coiming back!"
Superman can lift Thors hammer because he has a Nobel hart
A prize dear to him
I meant a prize deer
a Nobel hart
shoot me
a Nobel pize
But if Obama lifted it, fandom would scream, "he doesn't deserve it!"
I agree he deserves Croms Balls
Well, yo've raided my comic books, the next step is to make off with my sister
or was that make out?
Crom=Libertarian candidate 4 sure
I swear, anyone who doesn't think God is a comedian hasn't thot about bernie madoff
I am back dude
Okay was just preserving our conversation for posterity
As long as it is not posterior
or anterior posterior
Dr. Anton Posterio

At this point, I slip away and leave them to their star-crossed online enact my homage.