Sunday, November 8, 2009

vanishing wave part six

Sue Storm Richards, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman.

If I was really sure what I am looking for, passing sweeps with my visibility power might actually tell us something about where everyone who disappears is...there are spectra beyond the visible, but when the phenomena is as close as your incomplete neighbor, maybe the answer to their disappearance has to do with migration into some otherwise unseen form, as though the waves have an extra dimensional mass that serves as its interface...can I make something visible from another dimension that is present invisibly?

Reed, I’m topside, about fifty yards from Johnny. He’s darkened, earthy, like he’s spoiling! And he’s about to burn some kid with a pillar of’s already a wildfire, I’m containing it now---do me a favor?
(via suit communicator) Yes?

Help me think of how I might make an extra-dimensional mass visible, and we might understand the vanishing wave’s interface.

There do seem to be extra-dimensional localities at work here; excellent idea, Sue.
You should have Johnny on the spot.

Ooo! He’s not himself. Quick-but carefully...
Reed : I’d say it’s been a longtime since any of us were too careful.

I’m okay, love. Find the needle in the haystack and we can sew this case up.

Troy: Aagh! Why!
Why? Is it?
You’re invisibly shielded.
Johnny! No! Stop it! Why are you crawling towards this guy to burn him? It’s not you, Torch.
Work with me! You can’t see yourself! In fact, I say you’re not visibly being yourself.

You know my invisible force fields; they can give like a trampoline or a battering ram, it’s up to
you, my brother. I’ll give as much as you give, either way. How ‘bout it? You in there?

Johnny: No! No, I...s'that...Sue?

Remember when we’d play in the woods--- how we’d pretend you hit me on your
bicycle? Sometimes I’d play a death scene, or we’d take each other to the emergency room for pretend? You’d pretend to hit me, then play injured yourself? It’s just’s in your mind...see through it...

NO barriers. You with me? Hold my hands a minute. You got it together?
Sis! I..! Sorry, kid! First thing, these flames! Rein it in, you little devils...FLAME ON!
You’re still holding a pencil.

Troy: I was ...sitting out here drawing...when he came up...and something lurking out here shot him... darkened his lights...
I’m listening. What were you drawing?

Branjelina...heh! I drew three grizzled vikings...weary in uncharted land.. and this I called it...I draw boxes plenty, but as I made it ornate this time,
I could feel everything inside me I don't understand, all pushed inside the
box...and I need to draw it, to be realize I'm outside of it...where everything
real is.

Still listening.
Searching the visible spectrum for any clue for what may very well be under my nose.
Why are all these bubbles of every color sitting here in the ultraviolet range?

We see it, too, Sis. Is that the cause---?

More like...if you put your hand on someone’s back while they chew, you can feel the vibrations, though you’re not at the source cause, you’re touching the effected body...

Johnny: Listen, man, I don’t know what shot me, but my sister may be able to make it visible; she’s a match for any sneak attacks.
If it’s all the same to you, I was sorta on my way to Canada.

Let him go, I guess, Johnny.
Just as well---Ben! Ben, do you copy?
These unstable molecule pajammies scan and copy like a new printer.

Ben: (via remote)
What bushwhacked ya, Torchie?
I didn't see, but good luck on the rematch. If we find ‘em, best bet is they’re converging on Reed.

Assuming they're particularly interested in us.

Let’s hope he finds them, first.
I did a number on this guy’s door and recruited his hotel room for some mid-wifery for an innercent bystander...I’ll be, the miracle of life in room two oh eight!
Just checkin’ in on somebody...them goons cleared out post-haste. You trackin' em, Sherlock Einstein? Or should we mebbe give Harry Potter a call?

Spectrum analysis reveals elements, by whose nature I presume can be fashioned parts for a machine or circuitry of some kind, flowing straight out of their place in the natural scheme of things to an approximate location which seems to process a steady stream of energy as elemen, like a molecular condensor, matter called straight out of the earth, air and sea.

Wonder what's left on their egg timer? We're still figurin' out the blamed rule book!

Everybody! This woman and man --- fading IN!

I’m making the invisible wall into a window...they’re looking into my eyes...I think... is she with child? She says they walked with those behind all this...what they are trying to do...but they are fallen...where can we reach?

Reed(still via communicator:
Susan? Who?!?

He’s saying to will claim your walk through our world.
Reed, I’m going to keep trying this, see through or sense’s like a reflection in gauze...

She means we’re doing it but we’re flying this section of the Fantasticar as hard as she’ll go in your direction!

Tune in to the electromagnetic spectrum with your onboard detectors, there’s a slim shot you may be able to predict and avoid the vanishing waves!

I dunno how we’re supposed to not fly into them waves, but if the Silver Surfer wuz here, I’d hook him to the back and go cosmic water-skiing!

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