Saturday, November 7, 2009

vanishing wave, part five

Part five:
Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the powerful, stone-skinned Thing.

Ben: I’m about to take this whirligig down streetside! The seismic tremors are strongest right about here. Any word from Torchie?

Sue: His body temperature via telemetry sensors in his costume indicates sporadic use of his powers , but there’s no response.

Reed: I know what you’re wondering, darling. Your brother may need you immediately.

Sue: You’ve almost triangulated a third position?

Reed: I’m beginning to search for a different plane for that coordinate, true; a stream of particles seems to be converging further up in the mountains. If you go to Johnny, I will observe and do what I can.

Ben: Wish I could check in on Alicia and lil’ Franklin! Is there a perimeter for these vanishing waves?

Reed:There seems to be one expanding exponentially with each micro-second in every direction. It’s critical we find the definitive points of the disturbance.

Ben: Guess I win the prize, then, this is one definitely disturbed point! I’m hoppin’ out here! Something seems as determined to stir up a frenzy as much as rip up the turf!

Less this is an act ‘o God, sum body’s about to get a delivery of m’ Sunday best!
I’m onna ground, somethin like lightnin’ strikes clawing out the earth, and some kinda weird ray shining at the pointa extraction!

What a chowderhead! I almos’ missed that couple slow gettin’ off the scene! I think she’s preggers!

Reed:If she’s going into labor, you must be absolutely careful!

Ben: Sheesh! Wotta revoltin’ development!
Mister, I can get her out o’ here faster’n you can!

Mr. Thing! Her contractions started before this earth storm!
Please, I don’t wanna disappear, I just want my baby to be okay! People are vanishing, help us!

Ben: Awright, keep yer maternity britches on! You’re comin’ off the field! Uh, you CAN be picked up, can’t ya?

Maybe –uuhh! Just another minute! Hurry!

We’re gonna go for it, then! You! Run for that hotel! I may not be the first guy you’d think ta call inna flash, but you shoulda seen the ol’ Grimm Reaper run the gridiron at Ee –Es- Yew!

Here’s hopin’ there’s room at the aunt Petunia would forgive m’ manners for not knockin’... *SMASH!*

Hey in there! I’m kickin your door down! And I’m totin’ a pregnant woman, if ya got the number for Marcus Welby, Emm Dee handy!

Please, Mr. Thing, do you know what is happening? It’s as though some invisible wall is swallowing people! How can that be!

Ben(over communicator): Hey, Susie, you can make things that are invisible so’s you can see’em again, right? Any chance a’ finda these people that flash out right before your eyes?

It’s worth a shot! Engaging Johnny’s location in two minutes; be careful, Reed.

Ahh-iieeee-ahh! Huh-huuuh!
She’s crowning!

Sorry! Gotta leave ya to yer royal pain! You! Deep breaths! You! Warm water! You! Hold her hand, for chrissakes! I’ll be right back with the cee-gars in no time!

Ben, do you see the cause of those tremors?

Uhhf! Hang loose, Stretch, think we’re about to get inner-duced!
I’m gettin’ slapped around, but there’s nuthin’ on my touch-pad scanner ‘till he strikes!

Least I’m drawin’ its fire, though he’s gonna wake up San Andreas Fault if he keeps rockin!

Fortunately, I know a thing or two about rock...come on, then, ya invisible fink! Come get a piece a’ this! Cause I can stand here and throw punches and kicks out in every direction! Step up! We kin do this all day! You’ve come ta Mission Avenue to get finished, courtesy of the every lovin’ blue-eyed Thing!

Yeah! I see ya now!
You slip around like a blamed ninja, but you still gotta work inside my guard!

It’s just toughness against toughness when ya get up close! And you gotta get close! And what you get is HIT! Uhhh!!!! If I can just get my mitts on ya, I can rassle as good as the next champ...

Whut the heck?!? Some kinda beam! Feel like I been hit with the sun or somethin!

Gotta...gotta get yer craggy eyes, Benjy-boy, it’s a knock-down but y’ain’t been dragged out yet...I see ‘em from a worm’s eye view: there’s two of them bums, big shadow dudes...or is that just me?

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