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Drawing: the Silver Surfer

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Artwalk 2010 part one

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DEFENDERS/ TRANZ #3: Free of the Fallen World (Pt. 4, conclusion)

From the shadowy reaches of the violet arena of space surrounding Sharptooth, three mysterious forms of indigo observe a towering man-form, crackling with power, robed with sharp, probing angles that reach like a castle of doom from his shoulders and head. Before him appears a blond, beautiful enchantress dressed in emerald and black, leering. “Even should these meddlesome Defenders discover the double nature of your pawn---pawn, or prince of the world to come---as an immortal of Asgard, I shall live on, either way! “
Fires of Rome "Set in Stone" (EP mix)

Behold, they advance now from the abyss. You, who bound the warrior to the wolf sorcerer--- what payment do you extract?
“Come what may,” the enchantress replies, “I will take my rewards where I find them. I cast this spell upon her, who is also two people in one; the warrior maiden, the woman beneath. Even as the valkyior come in time to become goddesses of the Norn, so shall I place within her astral aura my spell, to call her to join, bound within the Norn stones...and when they again become mine...but hark now, ‘tis done! Amora takes her leave, Sulinar Vix of Kolpar!”
With a lift of his chin, he regards her. “May you scheme in interesting times!”
With a humorless laugh, at the nimbus of a spell, she vanishes.
The three indigo forms consult with one another telepathically, grateful to have thus escaped notice. They see Sulinar Vix cast a light over the Machine Man, probing him as the heroes advance from the nothingness. Then he turns to an approaching form, a tall, ebony young man, who seems to espy them, by his eyes; to Sulinar Vix, his face reveals nothing. “So now,” he speaks, “upon my birthday visit to this world, I await the completion of the spell of the wolf...”
“Hail to Sennil, Dark Poet,” says Sulinar Vix. “ No doubt, you await also the return of what is taken from Semeicardia.”
“Your fellow Sinister has engineered cells swiped there, to become henchmen to your pawn of pawns. His fate also belongs to Semeicardia.”
“These are the last moments of the Spell of the Wolf,” says Sulinar Vix. “I bid you observe the resolution of this gambit, Dark Poet, and we shall see if the nature of the world yet shall be formed by the Tranz-Rupture.”

The triplet forms observe the dark Poet dissolve into the indigo light as he walks on, while the wolf sorcerer conjures fierce lights, bolts of power escaping his claws. Vix, with a pass, restores his four-armed henchmen and she-wolf by his side, as the Defenders attack before the towering form of the Fire Dragon.
With Madame Blavatsky beside her looking on in awe, Clea's spell to send the Flames of Faltine to the torch of the Marc Kane stretches between two people separated by 150 years...yet once the flame is hers, Marc Kane physically merges within the form of Prince Dragonvayne, who now burns AS the flame.

With the souls of Prince Nicola Dragonvayne and the Marc Kane aligned within Dragonfang, Valkyrie surprises the sorcerer with a strike of that sword, flowing with the Flames of Faltine.

Cleaving his form, now from it springs Remus Sharptooth, grappling viciously with Valkyrie, who calls upon the power of Freya to guide her blows.

To the other side of the immobile form run through with Dragonfang, a cavern appears; the spirits of Nicola and Marc Kane enter. Doctor Strange's projection of the Eye of Agamotto's light into the Flames of Faltine illuminates the cave, revealing its occupant. Inside is the other half of Sharptooth’s form, the essence of the sorcerer is revealed: her lost brother, Ray, taken by the enchantress’ spell between his vanishing at the Break through and Valhalla. The Box they had guarded together is conjured from outside time and space to reappear here and focus the energies of the Tranz-Rupture. They, its final guardians, the last defenders of humanity, have come to this place and time to prevent it once more from being misused: then, as a weapon of war, and now, as an agent to shape all of human consciousness and the earth itself. Their misunderstanding is shelved for another time; they three conclude some manipulation at work, the night before they carried Slay Box to its volcanic ensconcement. As they join in a circle of hand to bond their energies, two words seem to emerge from the hooded girl, the center figure between two males, the lit face of one of those triplet indigo forms as they disappear beyond the shadows from space time:

"Uncle Ray...Father...Mother?"

As those three take leave of the plane of ultra-mentality, so, too, do their ancestors. Swirling, they vanish into destiny, a dimension for a future story.

Remus Sharptooth wrestles and hurls his hex bolts, but he cannot defeat the Valkyrie in time to re-unify his self and complete the spell; already, the summoned “cosmic-blink” M’Krann energies destabilize. He attempts to flee again to the material world; his appearance there precedes a massive explosion of his devices. The Defenders quickly follow him, as the spell-place fades and they return to the world, Valkyrie arriving upon Aragorn. She catches Patsy just before the conflagration. Determined not to be blown into indiscriminate parts and left for scrap, Machine Man accesses his anti-grav units just in time to vacate the shattering mountain top.

With her psychic sensitivities, Patsy (Hellcat) realizes the key to stopping the Tranz-Rupture effects within the minds of humanity lies with Nighthawk, who has once had the awareness of his brain being separated from his form. Doctor Strange and Clea work together to amplify the link; his disembodied state, from his memories, is transferred through the Tranz-Rupture connection between all minds. With that moment of silence, free of the illusion of existence, the peace everyone feels allows the stillness to take hold. The forces throwing together the psyches of humanity cease their torrential, invading nature, and individuality is restored.

Remus Sharptooth attempts his escape in a Gnomlin-built craft---a decision influenced by the Viking Captain, Ray Awen, who still makes up his subconscious mind. As all the heroes pursue Remus Sharptooth, they discover what he has forgotten about all crafts built by Gnomlins: in the end, they stop and they explode.

Just before this explosion, the Wolf Oversoul appears to Remus Sharptooth. He promises the sorcerer another existence to come, an incarnation in the world of Semeicardia. Thus he achieves a strange peace as he experiences his end on Earth.

The essence of the Semeicardia-fated creatures all finds its nexus through the eyes of Hillie, still filming below as the sorcerer’s saucer rockets away. Moments later, he finds himself possessed of an idea for a new film...about the exploits of a wolf sorcerer, reborn on a world called Semeicardia. He decides to begin scribbling notes, post haste.

Many present, in the end, are rallied by Mountie Dave’s call to have a round of Dreadnaughts , which Oakie suggest they have back at the Castles Made of Sand Bar and Grill. Teddy finds himself at peace, feeling understood, prepared to move on after helping save lives here today. And Bali finds himself a new dog...he begins to rub her and check her over for pests, glad to have salvaged the animal from this disaster zone. She looks to be of wolf descent...but placid in his hands.

Having transformed from the Hulk, Doctor Banner finds himself at a distance from all this revelry, as people try to continue on with normal life, after an experience they will try to understand, all their lives.
Needing a way to get on, himself, he takes some clothes found at the fire rescue encampment, and begins to hitchhike beside the Southern California highway.

"End credits music"

Cocteau Twins, "Pandora"


story and art by Lue Lyron, with Eric Joy :)

THE DEFENDERS and all related characters are copyright Marvel Entertainment.

REMUS SHARPTOOTH created by C Lue disharoon with Danny Johannsen, with special thanks to Cody Guinon


All Dragon's Line characters and all characters not identified as Marvel trademarks
copyright 2010 Integr8d Soul Productions

original story copyright 2010 Integr8d Soul Productions

GNOMLINS, SEMEICARDIA and DARK POET created by Danny Johanssen

Dedicated to Steve Gerber, Sal Buscema, David Anthony Kraft, and Jack Kirby
(There’s the synopsis! I’ll present it all rewritten in script form over the next couple of days. It will be a treat. Take care!)

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DEFENDERS / TRANZ #3: "Free of the Fallen World!" part three

“Free of the Fallen World!”

Everything you know about the entire fabric of the world, in its physical and mental states, undergoes a rupture, in waves of increasing change! At its core is an alien sorcerer, Remus Sharptooth, conjuring what he believes is the rapid evolution in nature and human consciousness! On a fantastic plane of the mind and soul, his head devours Earth’s Mightiest Defenders! As the Valkyrie, atop her winged steed Aragorn, flies into the maw of dread, the Flames of Faltine light the presence of two time lost Vikings connected to the great change---and fly they must. Only inside the jaws of utter destruction can they find their way to the mystery of this conjurer...only so may they reach the humanity captured within!

How is mankind reacting to the shattering of individual barriers of its minds? Amidst the blazing ruins in the wilderness surrounding this Southern Californian mountain, Pvt. Steve Holt, beside the tank he has driven, without license, over the armored form of Gnoll the Trome, watches over the body of the woman who saved his life, not an hour before, in the conflagration that totaled the Gnomlin Hutch, where this epic, for him, began.

Coming to grips with his own musings on purpose in life, Holt confesses to the entranced form of the Valkyrie, unable as yet to see into the great astral plane onto which she, with the help of Clea (having traveled with her mentor Stephen Strange to the 19th century), attempts to confront Sharptooth.

His distorting vision of the interlacing consciousnesses of the soldiers and fire fighters in the distance (as well as the Hulk and Nighthawk) suggests why unprepared humanity and Earth seem destined to shatter from this process of Tranz-Rupture.

His thoughts flow parallel to the musings of Dr. Strange, who has discerned the source of power for this change: the M’Krann Crystal, an object in the Shi’ar Galaxy, as related by his fellow Defender, the space faring Silver Surfer. Its energies created a blinking of reality: fantastically, all ceased to exist in a barely detected split second, during a battle for the crystal involving the mutant X-Men.
The futuristic sorcerer Sulinar Vix, having harnessed the signature of that energy, provides the channel to Remus Sharptooth’s efforts. The advanced science at hand seems to tap into a natural force of change inherent in the Earth, sped up now, affecting all the biosphere.

The explosions Holt hears from inside the mountain’s caverns reflect the human adventurer Hellcat and the cybernetic Machine Man confront Sharptooth, guarded by his partner the she wolf Corpse Flower, beside the extraordinary devices used to focus the M’Krann energies. Disturbances in the passages of the timeline prevent Doctor Strange and Clea from returning to the present, yet through the Crystal of Agamotto they aid and observe Valkyrie and her ghostly partners.
The Savage Submariner, Prince Namor, busies himself rescuing breeding whales trapped in the shallow waters beside Baja California, as the earth ruptures. He perceives the mystical joining of twin eternal flames, and their entry into a great mouth of darkness. He has no idea where to join the physical aspect of the battle, and continues the rescues at hand.

Before the eyes of those assembled to fire fight, Nighthawk and the Hulk begin to disappear in the physical sense...yet the darkness into which they reappear is present before everyone! They watch this central event, as thought forms of all the Defenders surround the Sharptooth sorcerer.

With the souls of Prince Nicola Dragonvayne and the Marc Kane aligned within Dragonfang, Valkyrie surprises the sorcerer with a strike of that sword, flowing with the Flames of Faltine.

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DEFENDERS / TRANZ #3: Spell of the Wolf part two

Remus Sharptooth:

Salvage this primitive, backwards world with transforming might! Let all the elements be called into form, to rip this reality free from its lowly moorings!”

Machine Man, using his anti-gravity units built inside his robotic frame, arrives with his hand transfigured into a high-caliber pistol; he opens fire on the laser portals, which begin to spew sparks!
“Daddy always said, ‘Aaron, you’re a real pistol!’ And thanks to him, I never leave home without my ‘hand gun’!”
“Blast you, mechanoid!” snarls Remus Sharptooth, who fires a bolt from his hand that shatters the generator next to Machine Man.

The explosion rips apart the chassis of the android’s skull. " Tear me to shreds," he remarks, wires buzzing, sparking, "I'm a man, more deeply than you can destroy. I'm Machine Man!"

Hellcat rises and charges Sharptooth, as the singed she-wolf bolts away in pain.

Meanwhile, the Valkyrie stands beside Emma Jorgenson, their hands clasped, eyes closed. “I feel your friend Clea guiding me,” says Emma, “and through my thoughts, we hear the imprisoned Vikings, Marc Kane and Prince Nicola.”

“I am without my carved rune staff,” says Marc Kane from the darkness, “but I’ve conjured a mental image of the hand molded runes created for me by our black companion, Nido. Each of us must draw forth one, to complete the spell of five runes. With their signs we may find my lost brother, who is the key to stopping this Sharptoothed One! His mixed essence makes his mind impenetrable to my probes. ”
Clea watches on, borrowing the amulet, the Eye of Agamotto, from her mentor, to pierce the astral plane of these events that lay a century and a half up the time stream from their location. Her image appears in their midst, transported to the present by the projection of the Eye.

In turn, Nicola, the Marc, Valkyrie, and Clea reach into the bag, to pull forth, on the darkened astral plane, a glowing Viking rune each. “Stephen!” Clea asks, through her mind rapport with the Master of the Mystic Arts, “how is it I that must participate in this spell? Are you not...?”

“I sense that two male presences---one, still unrevealed beyond the barrier you must cross, and three females, are necessary to complete it,” relays Doctor Strange. “I am trying to discern the manner of energy which is being conjured, so that we might combat its nature together! For the Valkyrie, however, I might lend, on this spiritual plane, a means of travel, for that great leap into the creative power of the unknown...”
With that, Valkyrie’s winged pegasus Aragorn appears beside her; she and the Marc Kane mount the flying horse, and begin to traverse the cosmic barrier towards the mental defenses of their mysterious foe.

Over the crystal ball provided after a scrambling search by Madame Blavatsky, Clea attunes this two-sided journey: her travel with Strange, crossing America’s Great Awakening period, and the perilous dive into the psychic defenses of this stranger bearing star- borne energy to accelerate the evolution of Earth---a feral sorcerer, in whom she uncovers two sides, himself...
Despite the might of the Master of Mystic Arts close at hand, her part in this spell must be undergone alone. She peers into the future, our present, augmented by the illumination of the Eye of Agamotto, yet her will alone can resolve these images, her might in its place in this spell. Meanwhile, her mentor notes the power fluctuations in chronal energy that make travelling from the mid 19th c. back to the present “imprecise” and begins to probe for the source of the Tranz-Rupture energy. “I am rather surprised so great a change could begin to happen,” he notes, “without us having some sense of it. I wonder if it’s some outgrowth of a naturally-occurring energy?”
Valkyrie’s body falls into a trance, as her mind soars aboard Aragorn into the darkness, seeking the mind of the lost Viking. “My brother’s link to us,” says the Marc Kane, “is also threaded with the Slay’s the key to this transformation of reality.”
“There is no light, nor clue to where we go,” says Valkyrie.
“Each of us ---you, Nicola my prince, your friend, myself and, at some hidden fifth point, my brother---hold one of the five runes that complete this spell.”
“I cannot understand or evaluate what it is here we do,” says the Valkyrie.
“That is part of the flow you must undertake; let go, observe not with eyes, but intuition, as unseen forces are here at work,” says Marc Kane. Valkyrie nods, and says, “I sense truth in you.”
“I am merging with the essence of Nicola Dragonvayne,” replies the Marc Kane. “His mind is receptive to the properties of the spell created by your friend. He embodies the light that must come, and I live on through that light. But as I reach for my rune in this spell, I see a darkening of the light---a reverse of the torch---and therein lies my part. I do not know if my relationship with my brother must die; I will live for this time, empty. But within the sign of the Darkening Light, I sense a solitary hope to deciphering the nature of this struggle. And if we fall, then the Earth will continue its rapid change, spurred by the energies summoned by this star-born sorceror. “

“ If that is humankind’s fate, then who shall live on?” asks Valkyrie.
“Some...some shall live on,” says the Marc Kane, as her image begins to merge with flame that yet does not burn Valkyrie or her steed. “And all will find their peace, their completed selves, somewhere in the stars, amidst dimensions as yet undreamt..., however much we might put our shoulders to move heaven, we can only serve what is timely to their process.”

The apparition of Nicola appears as a body in flame, as Valkyrie hears Clea’s voice: “This being provides a host for the Flames of Faltine, which shall illumine your way...prepare yourself; may this spell harness our strengths, and know though we fight alone, ultimately we journey towards Union.” Within her, the joy of light is reversed; yet because she is courageous, she holds her will firm, knowing she cannot fail.

As the tsunami of each man’s essence floods the mind of those around him, the fire fighting effort falls crippled once more in the light of day men call reality. Striding forth as the earth begins to shake beneath his dusty treads, the armored form of Gnoll the Trome obeys a summons from his liege lord Sharptooth.
“There lies the warrior woman,” he says, “participating in the last gasp of this world to stand back from its rightful place in the cosmos. Wake up, woman! Gnoll the Trome has fallen upon you! I will fight for the glory of Corpse Flower, and serve my purpose well!”
With his cannonball arm, Gnoll takes aim at the head of the entranced Valkyrie, when a lumbering mechanical sound not his own overtakes his Trome ears. He turns his helmeted head from its poise above the smoking furnace of his wheezing chest, and his steam valve releases vapors as though in alarm. Pvt. Holt has commandeered his tank for an unauthorized rescue. “Took me forever to drive over here,” he thinks, “but the least I can do is make like the cavalry and drive right over this ugly sucker! Time to bring a shipment of some pain with Uncle Sam’s overweight delivery truck here!” With a rebel yell, he relentlessly drives up onto the armored form, which begins to erupt in a variety of systems failures. “Hope this is some help, dollface,” Holt says, knowing the Valkyrie is beyond his hearing. “I can’t even begin to grasp what kind of fight you’re in, but you saved my life and I’m totally hung up on you...and in lieu of understanding anything, that will have to be my guide! Rough day for you, buddy...”
Emma Jorgenson watches all of this in disbelief. “At least there was no personal harm threatening me,” she thinks, “as I am here only as an astral projection. Yet...the telepathic noise of these minds pouring in without resolution wearies me; my physical body is nearly exhausted. I must reach into my connection with the ghosts and the Valkyrie...Prince Nicola, now that I’ve met you, and your noble love, I wish only I could do more for fact, so I dream...”
With the last wisps of her conscious presence, she merges, through Dream, with her unconscious intent. Prince Nicola senses her before the mind’s eye, projecting forth into the unseen barriers before them which guard the spell of the wolf. Again and again she repeats: “you have the secret words to unlock your true have the secret words to unlock your true self....secret...words...”

Within the void of inner space, beside the embodied Flames of Faltine Valkyrie sees the Dragon of the Elemental Fire, suspended before her; without certainty of direction, nevertheless she evades him on Aragorn, soaring beyond the creature, on into the unknown. Then there is a brilliant light of blinding intensity...and now, the Valkyrie, lit in ethereal glow, the composite flame of the integrated soul, and Aragorn of white feathers and flowing mane, fly without hesitation towards what appears to be a gigantic wolf’s head. There is a guttural, rumbling sound that stretches out into a senses piercing roar, and the flame vanishes into the all consuming maw before it.

Fire trucks blare into the camp, where Hillie films the rushing fire fighters and soldiers. Torn by the need to do something, flooded with the emotions and inner thoughts of those around him, he desperately tries to document the strange situation. Yet no camera can record---and first hand accounts can only hint at---the sensation of minds, swept and mingled with one another.
Oakie plants an I.V. into Corporal Dayly’s arm with grim determination. “This lesion that causes my head pains nearly cripples me,” he thinks, “but in the past hour it’s subsided just enough...I’m glad I have skills to help, though I’m more of an animal doc than a physician...”

Hillie: I hardly know what to do to help...I can only observe...
Oakie: I don’t know how to document what we’re going through, man...Maybe we’re all meant to be cosmically aware---but they don’t know how to do it on earth; as a society, we try between friends to share our thoughts and feelings...for all the anger and anxiety, and all the joys and daydreams and hopes we contain, that seem so strange in their purest recognize how much people want off the planet! Or at least, to come and go freely!

Hillie: If it wasn’t for our imaginations, we could never bear to be trapped in life together!
Because maybe love is all you need...but we’re stuck with so much more...
Oakie: Yeah: that makes us so much less. And you know harmony on Earth isn’t even the ultimate expression of what we really are...though we might have it...if we’re free to touch the endless dimensions...and not trapped by one another...used to make limits and imprison ourselves. Just keep your camera rolling...the end of the world’s just one possibility...I’m going to take another pulse, and wipe another brow...
Hillie: Why aren’t we ready...are we just not developed to have that level of consciousness? If we tell ourselves we’re do we handle the touch of minds of those who are not?
Oakie: Hand me those hemostats, would you?
Dayly: Maybe what holds us back is being unable, or deciding not to embrace the paths of Imagination...
Oakie:...hmmm...and being unprepared to see the open imaginings of others, good or ill... afraid to match visions, feel genius and bliss without comparing ourselves as better, or less, or clinging to rules that say what reality is...besides the golden rule!
Dayly: if we could really accept that...we’d have true liberty...instead of madness...if that’s not too optimistic to say!
Oakie: Until humankind can harness the energy to follow our imaginations to any place or time we can feel...our opened minds could tear the world apart!
Hillie: At least that’s some kind of vision...if only we’d had that perspective...before the rupture came...between our our souls, maybe...