Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kirby Krackle!

I just found these cats via "Ring Capacity" on another blog when you type in "Superhero-themed songs." I have a show July 25th so I checked around for rock. It's Killer Comics, with an emphasis on visual artists, but we happen to be musicians, too, as Integr8d Soul. Along with some Labyrinth songs, "Ballad of Barry Allen," "Spider-Man" ala the Ramones, "Evangeline" by Matthew Sweet, some Crow soundtrack, some originals, I thought we'd play some comic book/ game-flavored tunes (like "Greatest American Hero"!). If you enjoy that sort of thing...check out Kirby Krackle! They just might be at a convention near you. The rock is occasionally so cool on its own that tunes like "Rainbow Bridge" require no knowledge of Thor to just savor the guitar solos or imagery. My friend Autumn particularly loves this Mario Bros. inspired song above, with quirky lyrics bringing a particular love-lorn attitude to the game's recurrent challenge. It's nicely sung; I rather imagine her hubbie, my pal Michael, could nail this melody :-D The ukelele in this case really preserves the light-heartedness of its source, too. If you're a really hardcore comics fan...and many who've frequented this blog over the past five years would qualify!---"Great Lakes Avengers" is one hilarious pay-off. Just check it out, and laugh! But make no mistake: they put some real feeling into these songs, can fight alongside your imaginary hero, feel their sense of loss, or explore the wonder and urgency of their worlds. They have a new single out, "Yellow Kingdom." Tell'em Our Ba-Doom Guy sent ya!