Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"The Vanishing Wave" Part One starring the Fantastic Four, in the world of TRANZ

a pastiche fiction featuring the fantastic four
The Vanishing Wave
By Lue Lyron
envisioned as a King Size Special tale featuring the Fantastic Four; each four pages come dictated by a different character, such as I shall present a profile picture.

(A viking warrior and his two fellow travellers steps on the ice of a sunlit mountain side. A flare appears from a dark, billowing cloud, and the flash disappears down the crevice with each of the three falling vikings, with faces that range from shock to a mysterious non-plussed sang froid. Three large runes drift in space, intercut.)

Awen: The ability to foresee the consequences of one's actions is the mark of a profound person.

How profound then is my situation. There am I , known some only as Awen of Argos, on the verge of this break through.

One step!--have you betrayed the rest? With spring came the brittle basis upon which we resolve the mission to place the Ashes of the Seven Reavers once and for all beyond the reach of our age... before its Un Sun falls into the hands of destroyers of the world, such as this box creates.

What heat did melt our path, did seal our mission and our lives---by what forces did we find ourselves in transition to another existence?

Instantly, what is lost falls to another time...

...in fields beyond any promise I believed, sands and mountains tilted before the smile of the sun, waves to splash living bodies , some half the world away from my long life journey's end.

But this is not the end...though you may Think from the End!

Dangard, Lafey Jerasun, son of my thoughts...you came to our band from a walk of Christians. The place of dreams after death sounded like what my kin called Vahalla, for such is the amazing place I see.

(from above the sky and sea, our p.o.v. drifts in like a sea gull upon the harbor beside the Convention Center, and to the beach where the Fantastic Four is found at frolic: Reed, Sue, Ben with Alicia, and Johnny flying his nephew Franklin out to see the sea life)

There, I see the elements, those with whom lies the next fate of the shape which shall shatter the face of the planet, the great vanishing foreseen...

And even as we reach towards the future, the heaven-land, it is our darken selves who go yet invisibly there to herald us. All I behold, as though through a glass darkly...and then beyond fear shall see face to face.

(end of page four; splashes here, on p5)

The Slave Box. We who draw it there, call the Box to the hands of our Darkenselves.

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