Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sun Strike, Valkyrie Maid, and their triangle with Lord Dragonvayne came up over birthday dinner with our friend Smorg, whose articles can open your idea of Southern California, and can be found at Associated Press. Unable to sleep, I zipped out this e-mail, presenting a very strong idea that serves to pastiche her comment (inspired by observing modern geo-politics) into expanding lore---thus meeting this blog's requirements to cross-over creators and universes! This time with all original ideas:

I found the zest to fire off an editorial page-style rejoinder to one of Caryl's mails, when I then recalled I needed to thank you for understanding the vampire to be 3000 years old rather than the thousand I associate with this hold-out from the coming of Christianity (shamed by his name "David" I believe). Either before you said that or since, I thought it well there be a more ancient vampire remaining in the shadows. As it was, I had considered not simply assigning Lord Dragonvayne the characteristics of brutality, though he has truly walked alone and apart regardless of his company. More nuanced motivations allow a fuzzy morality that lends him utter unpredictability, good for extended stories. Meanwhile, the 3000 year old vampire was nearly a Jewish prince turned during Babylonian captivity, (just came up with the setting of his' turning'), when I started thinking of David and Goliath of Gath and his giant size...and then the idea of a three thousand year old Philistine, much less a giant, began to insinuate his presence behind the scenes in the Muslim world he predates...and while he may potentially be the finest character yet, I, who once simply found vampires selfish assholes worthy of my fictional contempt, now believe that Jewish prince or even priest (!) should be changed by Babylonian/Assyrian sorcery...I wonder if he is the one who turned the Philistine into a vampire, now? Another back story to drop in behind Dragonvayne, giving him a serious nemesis who just may require he turn to his almost-love (the only kind!) Valkyrie Maid and her skeptical husband Sun Strike...

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