Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art for Tranz-Rupture: Spell of the Wolf conclusion and plans

I'm writing like five different stories---I"m halfway through---culled from pop culture super beings (to inspire the little boy god inside me) and their plots would all be threading simultaneously through the novel itself---though it will at that point no longer require any licensed characters, who are there to help me gain perspective on a superhuman evolution of consciousness and geology, mostly featuring nothing but ordinary people alive in an extraordinary way, which is TRANZ. Chronologically, "Wolf" is story one, before "The VAnishing Wave" (featured already on my site) and another that's all plotted, half written; a separate idea, featuring six characters picked by my friend for his birthday from different fictional universes, is up ---it's set in Sin City!---as a fully scripted part one of four. (The plot to 2-4 is snuggly outlined in my notebook). So that's

Spell of the Wolf (Hulk, obscure b-list characters)
the Vanishing wave (Fantastic Four)
an epilogue to that, featuring the Avengers
my friend's six character surprise, set in Sin city

and last, an X-Men adventure, still plotting (we picked Storm, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine as our central heroes). Now, that's those five stories, with which I am adapting my novel...then I can re-write original comics that fit in the storylines of our own characters, adapting the novel...and finally there's the novel, which I would also like to see someday as a movie, but I try not to drive myself crazy==except that's why I get grumpy when I miss my schedule, like a baby might. Only, I ain't no baby, and sometimes, you have to do crazier yet things, like devote a bunch of time to your incredibly good and inspiring friend.



Story today.

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