Friday, May 7, 2010

Art by Marc Kane!

I like to attribute my art to the Marc Kane: my stage name,

one with a terrific story we'll share in fictional form as we finish our novel TRANZ. This Spring, we've been making 11" x 14" posters that we sell for $5.

I'm just getting the opportunity to paint...
a self=taught artist, and co-plotter of Integr8d Soul's comics (d'n'a). I've done a few different styles, but I'm trending towards realism in my figures now. Just the same, I've included some abstract pieces, too, that go with some of our more fantastical stories.

We've been preparing with character sketches.

We also have prepared some stuff for our latest children's book commission.

We completed one book of our own, THE SEARCH FOR COMPLETE DISAPPEAR LAND!
Contact me here or at to order one! They're 40 pages, filled with art, spiral bound, highly imaginative and fun for the thinking person of any age.

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