Monday, August 22, 2011

Interlude: Englehart's Avengers in five act play form (like Edward DeVerres)

I'll have a new piece together quickly, but in this space, I'm going to simply say
I came to see Englehart's romantic quadrangle storyline in the form of a five act play.

The first act begins with the Human Bombs attempting to assassinate the Vision, inflaming Wanda's mistrust of human kind and increasing her sense of isolation and identification with the Vision. Then the Swordsman and Mantis are introduced through the next scenes, earning their place in the Avengers.

The second act centers around Mantis' identity mystery and sets up the rupture in existing relationships and possibility of a new one.

The third act embodies the conflict as it rears its head. Wanda also begins a new, deep, and isolated relationship: with her new mentor, Agatha Harkness. This is where my next piece picks up.

The fourth act features a tragedy.

The fifth act resolves like a traditional comedy: with marriage!

After these next three pieces, I'll be lucky to keep this up weekly: we've got a lot of pages to draw, and some original writing, not to mention beaucoup music. So pass the spirit of summer with me enjoying a good story. Float on. Best, Lue

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