Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OH, yeah! the Adventures of Kool-Aid Man and dreams of a better world

Okay, I remember two things: this comic had the wall-busting Kool-Aid Man, oh, yahh! The part I'd love to see again, which I may have squashed beneath these covers alongside the silly battle against the Thirsties (which is pretty serious business when you've got nothing to drink), turns out not to be in this comic, as my memory attempted to generate initially: features discussing solar panels and computers, innovations of the 1980's I was seeing for the very first time. Ha! Sorry I got these things mixed up, but I'll address this one in a future post. I thought surely we were all going to school to figure out how to be part of that futuristic tomorrow of America. Technology! So exciting to a country kid. I tried to imagine: I'd be an adult in the distant year 2000. Wow. What would the world be like, I wondered? (I'm starting to think the comic where I found those features may have been Radio Shack Science Fair giveaways. I've since figured out I elided the two giveaway comics.) The rest? That is, what was actually IN this comic? An adventure, of sorts...not as cool as the Marvel comics of the day, but hey, Mom sent off for this and gave it to me as a surprise, along with a copy for my sister, I believe. At least it has a space battle at one point: and fantastic creatures disrupting a sporting event was the kind of thing I thought about in my daydreams already by this time, so have a laugh: someone was innocent enough to get a kick out of this. I haven't listened to the guy narrate this yet, myself, but I noticed he reads virtually the whole thing. Maybe the cool futuristic information was in issue two...

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