Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spaceknight reveries, or reading-only memories: from I'd Go Anywhere With You by Cecil Disharoon

The next day, they returned to Aurora, to get directions to the hangout Sarah told them about. She said she hoped to see them there Thursday night. They also helped themselves to a deep purple cloak, a scarlet hair bow, and a stack of Zon, Cosmic Knight From Beyond comic books for a dime apiece.
(Art, Lue Lyron -after Sal Buscema) That night, and for several afterwards, they lie reading them, butt-to-butt, on the palette they had made from blankets, on the living room floor. Save for the lawn chair Troy had brought them, there were never any furnishings, except for the shower curtain they bought in the drug store on the first floor. Sometimes they snuggled up to read just one, together, narrating aloud.
Gina enjoyed the Shakespearean flavored dialogue of the cyborg Zon, as well as his tormented, unrequited love for Sandy Davis, as he defended her small West Virginia town from disguised aliens that fit into the unsuspecting lives of Clairionville. His mission to clear Earth of his shape-shifting foes took turns through haunted Scottish castles, undersea kingdoms, hyper time dimensions, worlds out of phase, Russian nuclear dead zones, and even, for a time, back to the stars themselves. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers tone was inspired by the Cold War, the mood of a different time. A philosophical ninja master, a futuristic mystic, and mutant super heroes guest starred, but the lonely and romantic main story continued its twists through more than two dozen issues, stacked in a sometimes neat pile which the two raided along with cups of cool sweet tea, and meals of oven-toasted bread topped with Prego sauce and Parmesan cheese. It was like no honeymoon found at the travel agency. The armor-bound star man’s love story and setting made Lewis think of the towns they had seen on the road. He was glad to have found something so much fun they could do together, so cheaply, and cherished her speculations as they read.

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