Sunday, July 21, 2013

San Diego International Comic Con

So Sherlock Holmes is being renewed for a fourth season...Superman/Batman is a coming movie. Nightcrawler's coming back to the Marvel Universe. Actress/ producer Alyssa Milano (Mistresses, Charmed) announced a graphic novel coming this fall called "Hacktivist" a war-time cyber thriller, as inspired by modern hackers and activists (like Jack Dorsey Twitter/ Square's founder), with a full team of talent including a lot of Eisner nominees, from Archaia Entertainment. Cyborg 009's Marcus To provides the art; Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelley are writing it, with Ian Herring and Deron Bennett from Jim Henson's comics properties lettering and coloring. An amazing diversity of Little Golden Books, comic books, and other media are all part of Chris Ware's 2012 Building Stories, which won the Eisner in three categories. Avengers: Age of Ultron is the coming Avengers sequel. It's not based on the collected story by that name, by the way. In fact, biochemist Henry Pym is no longer the creator of the evil artificial intelligence in the movie version. You do lose that dynamic with that particular character, of course (and who doesn't think it won't be Stark's mistake?), but how exactly a biochemist created an inadvertently evil robot would require some creative work, anyway. (Even if you credit the machine body to another source...hmm, well, there's always some comic book way to spawn artificial intelligence from a study (of ants?), but since we're dealing with an origin from the 1960's from someone who wasn't a full-time science fiction writer, some updates were bound to happen.) Thoughts? Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame has an amazing new Internet site for his art and stories. People had fun "protesting Trask Industries" in anticipation of the new Days of Future Present X-Men movie. On The Vampire Diaries, Damon and Elena will have a relatively happy period in their initial relationship (every relationship needs work!) and Katerina will stick around for the Silas doppleganger stories in human form. That's just some of the San Diego Comic Con 2013 news. And me? I've got pictures of my neighborhood, downtown San Diego, and the Zombie Parade, which was really hard to photograph. I came out in my red blazer and sang Soul Rocket BA-Doom songs and actually got applause! LOL Goodbye, Comic Con 2013.

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