Saturday, November 14, 2015

Unity, Mr. Meeseeks, The Eyehole Man, Mr. Poopybuthole and Zanflorp: Weird characters for the win

Ten of my favorite Rick and Morty Characters 10Bird Person I covered this pair in my first post, early this week. 9Squanchy 8* The President of the United States---I bumped the Prez for Beth as my new entry, but Keith David's voice work shines. His stately regard for Rick's world-saving pop song 'Get Schwifty' is hilarious.
7Unity Do opposites attract? Such a generalization---but here, it makes a case study sort of point. Unity is a consciousness that takes over other minds and essentially replaces their will with Unity's will. Rick? Not a collective kind of guy; in fact, he won't even join an organization composed solely of different versions of himself: The Council of Ricks (which is a character in and of itself). Squanchie and Bird Person are pretty much the only grouping Rick tolerates---and after that, his daughter and her family, just barely. The decision to do something for the good of the whole, and in so doing, be a part of something larger than one's self in importance, doesn't come naturally to Rick at the point he meets up with Unity again, after some years. Maybe it's good Rick offers Unity some reflection in the face of these new planet-wide ambitions, but with Unity and a whole planet of marionettes, he's totally irresponsible.
I think Unity gave him some things to think about that do push him to truly become part of his family with Beth, but it's the one move that accomplishes this that ironically takes him away from Beth all over again. 6Zeep Zanflorp Genius of his world---a world made to be Rick's car battery, phone charger, etc. Zeep cuts Rick's power supply by introducing an alternative energy scheme that parallel's Rick's own invention, a way for the people of his microverse to build an economy and culture around generating the energy for which they were secretly created! Zeep's voiced by Stephen Colbert. So many parallels between creator genius and his creation genius, who hears and then sees the irony in repeating a lecture Rick essentially plagiarized from Morty. When they're stranded together in the Teenyverse, they try to out-tinker one another with weaponry invented in the wild. The inescapable conclusion---that Zeep's world's obsolete if Rick can't use it for a battery---gives Rick the win, but you have to imagine we'll hear from Zeep again. 5.Jerry-I kinda thought I'd put the nebbish son-in-law together in one post later with... 4.Summer A character I overlooked until she went to work for the Devil. I, too, now want to know when they're bringing her pink space ship back! So I'll get to Summer and Jerry (and Beth) and their relationships with Rick and Morty on the flipside. It's so interesting in real time that we find ourselves, in the wake of the show's concluded second season, sharing an empathetic point of view with Beth, arguably the most unlikeable character but Rick's favorite- as much as you miss the show, hey, no one could miss him more. I think he left Morty best able to carry on without him, though at first glance, the Federation's quickly-transplanted institutions on Earth solved Jerry's immediate problems of depression and joblessness. 3Mr. Poopy Butthole Here's an interesting character: he seems to have really played some part in the family's adventures, yet he suspiciously first appeared in "Total Rickall," an episode about parasites implanting happy memories so they can continue, with the family's acceptance, to multiply unchecked. The dark but funny reversal where Beth opens fire on Poopy ends that episode, only for his continued, non-parasitic reality to be continued at the season's end. Poopy finishes the episode, the same time as the viewer, then answers the door for pizza with full-on anxiety as to how things will work out for the imprisoned Rick Sanchez. We never see him otherwise. Poopy apparently has a relationship with the family, but he also observes them as a TV show. We've long said our lives were TV shows on Alien Channels. Is he a parallel universe friend, who walked in with actual memories of the family made elsewhere, and if he is, why do they accept him here and now? Remember, we've sat and speculated about a made-up guy named Mr. Poopy Butthole. 2Mr. Meeseeks- Look at Me! This surprise break-out character appears in episode five of season one. It's unclear if he is Rick's creation or if Rick simply made the Meeseeks box through which he requests help from each one. A Meeseeks is always happy to help, but it's best to give him a finite task, like cleaning the cat litter box, for example. A seemingly simple request to help Jerry reduce his golf game by two strokes ends up in a murderous, multiple Meeseeks mission. Why does continued existence in our world cause Mr. Meeseeks pain? Why does it open the door to madness and savagery? I don't know, but he's the most Sesame Street looking-thing I've ever seen take hostages in a restaurant. 1The Eyehole Man This reminds me of Elf With a Gun from Marvel's Defenders. Eyeholes are apparently delicious; Rick says they melt in your mouth. It's important you don't enjoy them in sight of the Eyehole Man, however. As seen on a multiversal television program in Season Two, he's quite jealous of anyone else's eyeholes. He's even wearing a themed costume, complete with megaphone. We've been enjoying some chocolate candies after Halloween and had quite a few laughs about the milk chocolates wrapped as eyes. Somehow we kept bring up The Eyehole Man all day on a long trip, and we really needed a laugh that day---so I'll always have affection for the pure randomness of The Eyehole Man.

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