Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Black Panther: World of Wakanda makes history with Afua Richardson

My latest interview puts the spotlight on Afua Richardson.
Affua Richardson will make comic book history as one of three black female writers-the creators of World of Wakanda #1. The popular Black Panther character and his AfroFuturist kingdom- called by writer Ta-Nisha Coates "the light of the Marvel world," springs new blossoms ahead of the 2018 cinematic release by Marvel Studios. Novelist Roxanne Gray, with Coates, pens a new story about lovers Ayo and Aneka- former members of King T'Challa's elite protection squad, the Dora Millaje.

All i can give is my unique perspective and my view of the world. A composite of my experiences and influences. That's all any of us can give. -Afua Richardson

has the entire spotlight!

World of Wakanda hits stores in November.

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