Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rick and Morty: Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day!

Rick & Morty by Oni Press (2 stories)

“The wubba lubba dub dub of Wall Street”

Zac Gorman, CJ Cannon colors, Ryan Hill Letters, Crank!

You DO know the show, don’t you? If not, you get a pretty good introduction to the sarcastic, insightful science-fiction-flavored adventures of reality-hopping grandpa Rick Sanchez and his hapless grandson Morty. This sample has a get-rick-quick scheme involving the stock market that goes tits-up on the pair thanks to Morty’s weasel dad, Jerry, granting access of the grounds to the Time Police. Turns out Rick’s invention has a twist, so it’s NOT time travel, but I won’t blow it all for you.

The art’s mostly on model; we don’t get a lot of the show’s signature aliens. We do get a lame-o antagonist in Detective Tock. The language, perversion, and substance abuse don’t go as overboard as some episodes, but the real difference is the lack of a B-plot with the supporting cast, which is where the show gets a lot of its texture.

If you don’t care about that, the A-plot’s a good match for the show’s tone, and the dialogue’s on-model with the banter between Rick, Morty and their foe. Marc Kane read this with me and laughed out loud at the end of the pages a couple of times. There’s sufficient callbacks to the show, including some extra-dimensional improvised TV news. We don’t get a conclusion here, but it’s a reasonable effort to win over your trust of the handling of the property. How you’d feel if you’re not a regular viewer- and who isn’t?-depends on your taste in surreal comedy. Perhaps the usual subversion of would-be-good guy Morty’s ethical expectations would’ve played as too formulaic. The story’s got a handle on the dynamics between Rick, Morty and Jerry --- it’s on the lighter side, but still tense.

The choice of how to present a smaller installment equivalent to about half a program, without subplots, meant the free sample couldn’t match up to all the show’s most endearing qualities. It may not be fair to judge it by that standard, but it’s inevitable. Good production values.

Morty: I dunno. That seems too easy. Are you sure it’s legal, Rick?
Rick: I’m completely aware of how legal it is, Morty!

“Pocket Like You Stole It”- Tini Howard, Marc Ellerby colors, Katy Farina letters, Crank!
The bizarre but funny mini-series introduced in the few pages for story two looks promising. Mer-Morty is one of many alternate timeline Mortys, a concept from Season Two. MK turned the page bringing in Rick and had a good chuckle.

Pocket Mortys?
Rating: 3 ½ of 5

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