Thursday, June 2, 2011

So if we created Mystic Order Of Defenders #1...

On my sister blog Be chill, Cease ill, I've already begun spinning my own inspiration out of this brainstorm. This morning I came back to my game with Joe, as presented in several posts prior to this. We have a Demon Secret War; we have on one side Vera Gemini, half-demon priestess of the Cult of the Harvester of Eyes and mistress of the Agents of Fortune, and on the other, the Six Fingered Hand, a gathering of lesser demons who energize human pawns (Joe's idea: de-powered mutants!). In the midst of it all, we re-assemble Marvel's Non-Team, that patchwork, shifting collection of friends, acquaintances, and fellow adventurers who form when Earth's in dire need: The Dynamic Defenders.

I've said before Joe gave us a credible reason we have this alternative Defenders team, based out of Hulk's anger at the events in World War Hulk by Marvel five years ago. Let's dig

1) Nighthawk's intentions in reforming the team
a) As millionaire Kyle Richmond, Nighthawk wants to do something to help out humanity in civilian guise, and in the process of creating this new, er, initiative,
Kyle has a gut feeling he wants his best friends beside him again. Patsy knows the best places in NYC for pizza!

b) if he doesn't try to do it or can't find some of them at that point, let's say he tries to initiate some humanitarian aid...or
tries to design a Richmond Enterprises take on security gear for the Mexican government...and uncovers something so horrible, he
needs help! In this direction, though, it's hard to believe the originals can't bury their hatchet to investigate a real threat. At any rate, they can't know or Doc Strange would get ON it!

2) Devil Slayer (former assassin, mercenary, Harvester of Eyes Cultist, now healer/ devil slayer) has a propensity to carry the Vera Gemini part of the plot line. Gargoyle's origin tied directly into the Six Fingered Hand, who punished Isaac with that form. His knowledge is not quite the same extent as D-S's; Payne uses his knowledge of the organization to discover its resurgence.

3) (possibly issue two, but set-up can begin!)
Inserting a doppleganger into the Defenders line-up would be a good strategy for one if not both of the sides of demons. Set aside I originally proposed Sif as a fresher character (and Deathlok, for that matter). Now here is a twisted chance to seemingly bring in Valkyrie if you really want her, one that does not profess to remember that great friendship from before after returning to Odin's service. I have no problem with the real deal showing up, down the line. Hellcat's watchful eye and sweethearted meddling unmask the faux Val after two or three episodes together. Of course, then they are only in more trouble. It should appear to cost, whoever finds out, their very life.

4) I knew a retiree who lived in TJ just to save money, and that's a possibility for bringing Isaac into the picture. If you know more of what he's coming from besides retiring from the Initiative Training Program, feel free. What if Devil Slayer fights a Gargoyle look-a-like? Is this necessary to free the real one? Does he, for that matter, pick a fight with the real one, and why? What if say Patsy or Kyle are manipulated somewhat at the beginning of this phase to trust the Gargoyle and not the Devil Slayer?

5) What if a Harvester of Eyes cult agent of death or fortune disguises as Devil-Slayer? So what if Devil Slayer, always a bit suspect upon inspection, appears to be the villain? Even the similar shadow cloaks might create that misunderstanding. Stopping Devil-Slayer, or investigating him, might even be why Kyle needs the Defenders, if not something more compelling. I'm just not sure if it's best if this happens, or D-S simply seeks them out for this Mystic Order formation. Maybe both!

6) I do think it's safe to say Daiman Hellstrom is depicted as already on this case by the first story. But what if his father's not behind the Six Fingered Hand this time? Maybe....Dormammu?

7) cameos by Doom, Mordo, even Dr. Druid or another magic user, refusing alliances, would tie it into the MU. There's one called Tiburon I liked from Lee/ Ditko; his appearance is an avatar of Earth moving in the direction of decay and destruction. It's in Essentials Vol. 1. Doom, Mordo et. al would not care for a Secret Demon War without their guidance, but perhaps they can use it for their own gain.

8) a subplot like Devil-Slayer trying to talk a young man out of joining a most satanic gang faction would give us a shorter story that could be resolved, if you like, a small victory or defeat along the way.

9) Kyle's humanitarian efforts, even those to build a new factory and produce jobs, would clash directly with Vera's confederation of gangs. I want to start up a subplot about human trafficking. I know the Defenders don't really fight regular crooks, but I'm sure we can run with that idea AND provide, say, a villain called the Coyote who provides the muscle for that effort.

So now, I just wonder where Patsy picks up, and what do we do on the way to her uneasy side-by-side relationship with Daiman? Regardless of what's gone before, we can get it where you want it. I figured you started from memories of the old storylines, nostalgically, but might have an Englehartian way of taking what's gone on before and working with it.

Have a great weekend! Be chill, Cease ill

I swear I have this urge to throw in the Lizard Men from MTU #111 and even practiced the magic words on the way home from the grocery store (can you say, "Ka Nama Ka La Ja Rama"?), but two hellish factions will probably be enough, unless you have an idea!

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