Thursday, December 24, 2009

righteous playlist---happy holidays to my friends

1 King Khan & the BBQ Show I'll Be Lovin' You (smile every time this one comes on)

Olivia Tremor Control---Elephant 6 California Demise

3 Jealous of Roses----Bibio

4 Quiet Where I Lie---Franz Nicolay

5 T.R.O.Y.--- Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

6.The Long Way Round---Eagle Eye & Neneh Cherry

7.War--- Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

8. Tyedie mix of DJ Kaos---Love the Night Away
BIG OL' thumbs up

9. Set in Stone---Fires of Rome

10. An Ode to Optimism---Grant Lee Phillips

11. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Song---the Flaming Lips

12. Love in An Elevator---Aerosmith

13. Street Diction---Daleks (or Blessed Are They Who Bash Your Children Against the Rocks)

14. Zero---the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

15. Stand---Sly & the Family Stone

16. A Hard Day's Night---the Beatles

17. I Taught Myself to Be Old---Ryan Adams

18. Got Nuffin' ---Spoon

19. No Action---Elvis Costello (also a Billie Joe Armstrong version with him)

20.Got to Be Real---Cheyrl Lynn

21. Jimmy Buffett---David Allan Coe

22. Never Had Nobody Like You---M. Ward (feat. Zooey Chanel)

23. Stomach Worm--- Stereophonics

24. Because the Night---Patti Smith

25. Sometimes Salvation---the Black Crowes

26. God Only Knows---the Beach Boys

27. One Nation Under a Groove---Parliament Funkadelic

Take care, feel free to send songs anytime. Be chill, Cease ill----Lue.

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