Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Images of Southern California

Ocean Beach
Preliminary sketch of a page, and the partially finished pencils for the page.

Balboa Park, San Diego, a mile from the Apartment of Ideas

Encinitas and the sun behind the trees around Solana Beach

Marina Park, San Diego Bay, a walk from the Apartment of Ideas in the Gaslamp Quarter

Bald Mountain, San Diego

Escondido, where we first arrived on the Greyhound with two bags of clothes and a guitar. We found two jobs a piece within the first week, and swam in the swimming pool between shifts at the Mount Vernon Inn. We walked down the street to see movies and along Mission Ave. for our jobs. The mountains rose above Escondido from the east; you could see them from the streets. Everything smelled of flowers and trees and grilled food.


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