Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lindsay and the White Lies Rock!!

C Lue Disharoon June 7 at 2:34am

Lindsay, I've been enjoying your original music every since the first time I heard and sketched you over at Java Jones! Of course, you inspired Marc Kane to compose for the first time on guitar.

Probably your most exciting musical change lately is putting together a "Crazy Horse" of your own, the White Lies, so I'm going to ask some things I've been wondering and share them with our friends!

1) how many songs did you guys write for the White Lies?
2) Who wrote them?

Lindsay A. White:

Thanks for asking...i'll try to answer best i can:

The White Lies are sort of an extension of what I do solo. I write all the songs by myself and if I think it will sound good with the band, I'll show it to them and they enhance it with their talents. I honestly don't know the exact number of songs we know as a band but it's enough to play about two hours if we have to. I am currently finishing up my first full length album, but I started this project before I put the band together. Most of it is just me and my very talented producer Alex Zander from Studio Studios. My drummer Joel is on some of the tracks too.

The band recently got some free recording time at Studio West, and that's when we recorded Breakdown and Same Time; however those probably won't be on this album.

3) Do you have a studio date for the rest of the songs?

I would eventually like to record a full album with the band, but I'm still focusing on finishing this first one at the moment. Hopefully it will be ready by summer's end.

4) Is your reverbnation space the best place for people to buy your songs?
It IS one of the sites, along with the MySpace, where folks can keep up with your shows!


At this point, I don't really have any place where people can go to purchase songs. Once the album's out, I will get it on itunes, etc. RIght now the best way to hear new songs is through facebook or youtube. Recording myself playing the songs is the best way for me to remember them, but I like how it is also an immediate way to share new songs with people who like my music.

Lue: I really have enjoyed all of your facebook posted quick videos. Generous, original and prolific creation is always welcome in my day, and there's precious few I know who fit that bill like you.

5) What's the oldest song you wrote that you still play?
6) What's the newest, and when was it written?

I generally phase out older songs just because I get tired of playing them and also because I write a lot of songs so I'm always excited to play the new ones. The oldest one that the band plays is called Wall of Feathers- that one is a couple years old. My newest song is just a few minutes old...I am going to call it It Seems. The last one I presented to the band is called I Am What I Am.

Hopefully that answered most of your questions...let me know if you have any others! Hope to see you guys at Gallagher's!

I've borrowed a couple more songs and made a brief profile here:

(The sketch above is courtesy the Marc Kane, who created .

Hope to see ya Tuesday!!!
http://tranzriffz.blogspot.com/2010/06/laughter-and-trees.html is very good for you.

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