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Dynamic programming: you can do it, too!

Computer World Entrance

o    Semeicardia and I had this discussion about computer coding, which I have his permission to share here.
o    Semei writes:
o     well there are really only 3 things you need for basic webdesign
o    Knowledge of HTML, knowledge of one dynamic language + databases and knowledge of CSS.   Start with HTML, then CSS and then move on to PHP (Dynamic coding)
o    Okay I just looked up free tutorial on CSS
o    I would like to promote Tizaf tutorials for any web design needs
o    They use pretty much laymans terms and is a good starting place

Coded Story Generation

o    I have an creative idea for you
o    Make an "Make your own adventure" on your website, once you have learned about dynamic coding, I'll help you with it as well
o    You can some characters for choice, make a nemesis choice and eventually some other choice and it would generate a completely unique integr8 soul story based on your choice and from generic text
o    I LOVE it!
o    I already want to apply that principle to menu selection on my General Works dvds...the menu itself could take on a narrative, however, in a designed effort.
    • So you would write passages with variables and then it would automatically insert your choices
      Then you could have some preset starts and endings
    • I loved those books, yes, the technology's ready to take it to another level.
    • So you're saying we could build in variables that are NOT chosen by the reader, too, as well as ones that are.
    • You can basically code anything
    • So each reading strings together different characters and aspects, sometimes of the same time period of events, and sometimes different plot twists lead into alternative versions of the storyline
    • But imagine, if you want a story about 5 heroes, fighting mr destroyer who is destroying Metropolis, you could get that
o    Yes, that's the future, Semei, and I have the perfect book for its basis: TRANZ, which happens to characters all over the world
o    yes, I should start with something relatively simple like that
o    so I could have a successful project completed in the shorter term, then grow into it.
o    “My Don Quijote time-travelling story's another example!“  I reply.
o    “But you really should get the coding basics into your head first.”  Semei continues:
Basically you could have a theme variable and then the story maker would grap some generic text from the "theme" folder, but still using variables for names, so it feels unique
    • My problem with TRANZ, see, is that if it were laid out linearly with all the characters I wanted, you would lose the narrative impact of each of their stories. But if you could take several shorter trips through the 900 or so pages, you could follow a smaller cast through the events...which would not end the same in everyone's parallel universes.
Simple  Multi-variable Story Generation
    • That's excellent! Maybe within this year I could try one of the sort you describe here.
    • Have you completed a smaller example of your own?
Semei replies:
    • It's actually quite easy to get started
      First you would not generate something too unique, pretty much just a preset story where the name changes, then you start expanding from there
    • For a very simple story generating preset story, change name thing? Not many
    • That is actually one of the easiest thing to do, but making something that generates something completely unique would take weeks.
    • Once the "engine" is coded, it is all up to how much "random" content you are willing to write.

o    Webdesign / webcoding is the easy part, lol
Putting it together
o    At least now I've opened my Tizag Tutorial
o    Awesome
o    Web tutorials --> Beginners tutorial
o    Any thing else I should know going into Tizag, Danny? I love your hypertextural story ideas
o    Well, when you are done with the beginners guide, to the HTML tutorial, then CSS, then PHP and lastly mySQL and you are ready to develop anything on a webpage really
    • We also just got a book and software on Flash animation for free from my friend Joseph Braband, too
    • He is the one who got me thinking about presentations done in multi-layered dvds...could work as well on websites too
    • Well, understanding html and php may make it easier to learn action scripting (flash programming) as action scripting is a dynamic language
    • The great thing about dynamic coding is it allows you to change the webpage, you could make the background change color everyime the page updated, lol, anything really
    • Oh, I see! Learning some terminology here
    • I have a few anime dvd's that actually let the viewer make some choices and depending on the choice the story changes... so I suppose you could make multiple path stories on dvd

·         Applications for Integr8d Soul:
Semei’s suggestion gave me not only the future expression by which to tell my novel, Tranz, but also gave me notions on peace-making interactive programs, schools of learning, and stories, providing the interactive person a chance to explore how people get to their paths of thought and where those beliefs and facts overlap with seemingly dissimilar ones, placing them objectively side-by-side.

 The great thing about dynamic coding is it allows you to change the webpage, you could make the background change color everyime the page updated, lol, anything really .

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