Saturday, February 12, 2011

DEFENDERS/ TRANZ #3 "Free of the Fallen Earth!" pt. 12 The complete Defender King Size saga

Remus Sharptooth attempts his escape in a Gnomlin-built craft---it lifts vertically for take-off, as the Defenders attempt to strike it from the air. The creature Anomaly watches from behind a smoking data base;

standing at the precipice, Corpse Flower wonders if Sharptooth’s decision is influenced by the Viking Captain, Ray Awen, who still makes up his subconscious mind.

Hulk’s skips, powered by his mighty legs, give him velocity to match the launching craft. The fleeing sorcerer-wolf turns to hurl bolts of blood-red lightning at the clutching emerald behemoth, whose bulk is nearly half that of the escape craft!

As all the heroes pursue Remus Sharptooth, abruptly, they observe what he has forgotten about all crafts built by Gnomlins:
in the end, they stop and they explode!!!

Just before this explosion, the Wolf Oversoul appears to Remus Sharptooth. He promises the sorcerer another existence to come, an incarnation in the world of Semeicardia. Thus he achieves a strange peace as he experiences his end on Earth.

The essence of the Semeicardia-fated creatures all finds its nexus through the eyes of Hillie, still filming below as the sorcerer’s saucer rockets away. Moments later, he finds himself possessed of an idea for a new film...about the exploits of a wolf sorcerer, reborn on a world called Semeicardia. He sits still, then decides to begin scribbling notes, post haste.

STRANGE: The colors-as-emotional being state could be a spell meant to help human kind through. But the choice will be theirs. Will we try to use the power to repeal this change on the world? There is much deep mystery. I, and at times, my friends, will work, apart and together, for peace.
Now here are we free of the fallen world.
Yes, this is inherently much more interesting than the earlier one, below.

Many present, in the end, are rallied by Mountie Dave’s call to have a round of Dreadnaughts , which Oakie suggest they have back at the Castles Made of Sand Bar and Grill.

Teddy finds himself at peace, feeling understood, prepared to move on after helping save lives here today. And Bali finds himself a new dog...he begins to rub her and check her over for pests, glad to have salvaged the animal from this disaster zone.

She looks to be of wolf descent...but placid in his hands.

Having transformed from the Hulk, Doctor Banner finds himself at a distance from all this revelry, as people try to continue on with normal life, after an experience they will try to understand, all their lives.

Needing a way to get on, himself, he takes some clothes found at the fire rescue encampment, and begins to hitchhike beside the Southern California highway.


Envisioned as a King-size Annual, as circa 1979

(Day 12 of 12 Days of Defenders complete, six weeks later, with a full X-Men story written in between!)


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