Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Defenders 29 Steve Gerber Revolution in a Thousand Years


Transported by a power beyond their knowledge from the Sisterhood Swamp World, Vance Astro and the Valkyrie arrive to find Nighthawk, Charlie-27 and Martinex about to die on World Cam as an example of the futility of revolution. No subtle maneuver occurs to Vance before using his psychokinesis to shatter Badoon weapons. Because he explains the shackle exhibit a mind-deadening principle that nullifies their powers, Valkyrie turns her efforts from the Badoon to the shackles. The team flees into reinforcements, frozen by Martinex; as they regroup, Nighthawk passes along the bad news: Doctor Strange is dead.

Astral travel can leave a body that way, it seems; Doc’s actually speeding towards Hulk and Yondu’s location, where the Badoon have delivered them to the techno-drunkard world . Mon-tee, host of Super-Death Sweepstakes, sends the freshly-condemned blonde wife of Emperor Goozot and “Mr. Green” to a polar location, at which point Hulk’s mind is his own for the first time since “Hulk and Flag-Head were in city---wait! Hulk knows! Metal Mother made Hulk sleep for smashing her babies; the girl brings him up to speed (see above). The wind and cold on the mountain are joined by a greater threat: a tentacled metallic ant, from which the girl is freed by Hulk. Her awe in this is matched by Hulk’s when he sees The Bug Army.
Starhawk arrives at his meteor-based home, complete with rustic accoutrement and his three children, who hug him and ask will he stay. He goes into the cabin to consult with Aleta, his silent better half; he leaves grimly for Earth...
...where the rest hijack the communications center by force, motivated by the apparent death of their teammates.

Hulk discovers he cannot evade his battle by leaping away due to a field, but “if Hulk can’t go away from the mountain...Hulk will make mountain go away from him!!!” After the cameras record a shower of newly-crushed gravel, the Hulk and the stupefied girl stand amidst shattered ants and dust. Mon-Tee brings them back, but doesn’t enthrall Hulk. “Hulk feels...swell...but Hulk is going to make Fat-Face feel VERY bad!! Fat-Face won’t forget again---Fat-Face won’t have head to forget with!” Before the punch lands on Mon-Tee, He and Yondu vanish from the fray, and reappear where Hulk’s punch lands hard in a Badoon face!

I love the ending. I'll post it next, to keep these brief. Thanks for reading along, C Lue

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