Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Revolution, 3004 A.D.: Gerber's Defenders 29 conclusion

Aboard the Captain America, Jack Norriss has awakened, to wander the ship in thought, alone. He finds Doc stock-still, and begins loudly apologizing. Strange returns to his body, catches what he says; Jack offers his aid, and Stephen gives him a chance. They materialize in the midst of the com room invasion on Earth, where Nighthawk’s smacking Badoon in mid-rant while saying, “Oh Shut up! You all LOOK alike---you all talk alike----I’ve had it up to HERE with you!! Val notes Stephen’s arrival (not lost on Jack, who’s armed) as he paralyzes their opponents.

As a team, Strange and Jack begin transporting from prison to prison freeing all 50 million remaining humans, who take arms in vengeance. From a parapet, Strange stops to ponder “the necessity of what I’ve done.” Jack points out “you could’ve zapped the Badoon off the face of the Earth all by yourself---why---?” Starhawk arrives to second Strange’s perception: “Freedom must be earned to be valued.” It gets weird. Starhawk suggest they return now to their own era; Strange does not sense guile, but “neither have I evidence you are a seer. We pledged to see Earth free before we departed. Who are YOU to ask that we do less?” As though cosmic bodies in space have replaced his eyes, ‘Hawk replies: “I who knows. Tell him, Jack Norriss.”

Jack’s been humbled of late through great confusion, but says: “I recognize something in this guy...something of me...and of Barbara. I know this sounds crazy...but he’s like all of us...and none of us. I think he’s right.” “The Master of Mystic Arts has recognized it, too” Steve captions; “the synthesis of opposites within this being. He looks deeply into Starhawk’s eyes...and nods.”

“We shall go...but not without one final gesture.” By the Eternal Vishanti, “from his hands flows a multi-hued quiltwork of mystical energies that blankets the city, drops like a shimmering cloak over its silvery spires. And in the flame-lit streets below, the baneful brothers of Badoon fall...asleep.”

“This one city, at least, shall be taken without further bloodshed. Those waging the war are, after all, living beings...not philosophical constructs. If I’ve forsaken one belief to affirm another, so be it.”

“You saved a lot of lives, Doc. Let it go at that.”

“There is a kind of untutored wisdom in this young man, Dr. Strange.”

“In me?! Yeah, you bet. I’m “Mr. Smarts” of ---lord, what year IS this?”
Astro welcomes them back, while remaining suspicious of Starhawk. To the shock of most everyone, Strange bids “you five” farewell, beneath the watchful eye of Oshtur. The Guardians assimilate their new status quo (continued in MARVEL PRESENTS). Nighthawk’s vociferous disappointment in accomplishing “half a mission!” gets no real answer from Strange, who directs him to Jack. “Ask Hubby??” Jack replies:

“I know you don’t think much of me, Nighthawk. I know Barbara doesn’t think of me at all. But Doc and I both saw something in Starhawk. For me, it ultimate fusion...creativity and destruction...passion and logic. Whatever, it’s something Earth will finally want...a millenium from now.” FINIS

Very fitting era in time to revisit this story.

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