Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top this: Steve Gerber's Headmen saga continues

The first five pages of this issue, #33, are a recap, from the point of view of...a fawn. A fawn, with the mind of a villain trapped in his head---the magician Chondu the Mystic, who now has no mouth or hands with which to conduct spells. He's watching the Defenders, captive at the hands of Ruby Thursday and the rest of the Headmen, mentioned a couple of blogs ago. That's also the location of Kyle (Nighthawk) Richmond's brain. What Chondu knows that his allies don't is this: they believe Chondu's mind is his own brain, which has been transplanted into Nighthawk's body. The frustrating truth is this: Valkyrie's "husband" Jack Norriss is now the dominant mind inside that brain...and Chondu's brain is now in a fawn the Hulk brought home, in #31. So their own treachery's being played against them.

Talk about head trips.

It's Steve's prose working with Sal & Jim's art to create absurdity worthy of Samuel Beckett. "Luscious brown eyes gaze into the Orb of Agamotto---and flash with furious anger." That's the fawn. When you realize it's Chondu, it becomes oh-so-much funnier, because what a weird way for this fairly ugly man to end up being described with "luscious brown eyes." The deer's well rendered, but the eyes have just enough cartoon fury to evoke Loony Tunes.

Next: we break out the Mad Scientist Helmets, and witness what soon becomes one of the most unlikely and hilarious alien abductions in comics history. Well, I guess. If you know a funnier one, please message me when I'm done... class dismissed.

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