Thursday, August 5, 2010

The R.E.M. of ROM

The R.E.M. of ROM Introspective analysis mode recordings from the career of Galador’s Greatest Spaceknight---and Earth’s, discovered on Galador after the last war of the spaceknights.

(One of five coming this month- a very different sort of homage!)
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But for Rom, sleep is only a memory from his former existence.”

“His cyborg circuitry has no need of restful oblivion. Yet, he has experienced much
that is new, strange, and different since arriving on Earth...”

“And, for absorption and analysis of all the data he has accumulated, it is best that he clear his circuits and monitor his memory banks.”

“Mists curl about him. His introspective analysis mode is not unlike the state we humans call...dreaming!”

From here Rom somehow---perhaps drawing from the ambient thoughts of the house, which is a disguised alien being---envisions the first encounter with a “being he has not seen before...” but “senses the being’s power.” That being knows the house’s secret...and that begins Rom’s awakening, complete with the realization: it is alive!
Perils that resemble nothing less than malevolent magic ensue, and Rom brings his Analyzer into the fray. The house reveals its true nature: already Rom intuits its desire to take whoever occupies the predatory abode. The Dire Wraiths, in an effort to free their fellows from Limbo, “accidentally freed me! They did not live long enough to regret their mistake!”

Banished before by the being in Rom’s dream, the house names him: Dr. Strange. How can anyone without such mystic ability now stand against the devouring domicile?
However, the house’s eldritch fire attack is answered fiercely by Neutralizer fire, which translates into arson and then, banishment.

All images copyright 1979 Marvel Comics Group; ROM copyright 1979 Parker Brothers Company.

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