Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rogue of the X-Men in the R.E.M. of ROM

Stay, child. You have done enough.
I have regained control of my circuitry. Now the horror shall have to answer to ROM.

Only once again does memory dictate preserving some cluster of information, centered around the relief of loneliness that comes from believing someone has touched one’s inner being. Love, between two souls united by an intimate current of being, comes only so rarely for one encased in spaceknight’s skin.

The young woman was a mutant named Rogue. Her kiss somehow reached the inner man in a way that the physical touch of no one could.

This cluster is so intense, the time of abandoning Clairton’s embrace to search out the Wraiths in all corners of the world. With this, his humanity recently destroyed while in the possession of the usurping knight Terminus in a maddened defense against Galactus, Rom feels the loss of his chance to again become fully human.

Thus, while his love is now known by the cast (thanks in part to an unexpected event caused by a Wraith plot gone awry), he bids Brandy adieu, to leave her again to the world she knew before his meteoric Earth fall.

Still nearby in West Virginia, Rom’s journey serves a practical component, with Clairton now handed over to the Torpedo’s care; his visor, now enabled by Rom to detect Wraithkind, finds a trouble revealed by it. There, truly, begins the story of the woman and the man called Rogue and Rom.

Though their paths began in opposition, at first Rom’s misunderstanding aids her fellows greatly. When they find themselves opponents at last, the fantasmagorific mutant offspring of man and Wraith intervenes. Upon his return from apparent destruction, he encounters Torpedo. Some may call themselves the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but amongst all mutantkind, are any more vile than the Hybrid?


Written by Bill Mantlo Drawn by Sal Buscema Inked by Joe Sinnott Rick Parker Letters, Ben Sean Colors, Ann Nocenti and Al Milgrom Editors Jim Shooter, Editor-in-Chief, cover Al Milgrom
“West Virginia Reel “

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