Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gamma Goodness

Stern/Buscema/ Esposito, Novak, Sharen, Milgrom, Shooter

"Kill or Be Killed!"
Let's skip the recap: look, Machine Man's rushing up to the Hulk carrying his detached arm (no King's X jokes about detachable parts, please) and "Kang!"s him in the head with that and a smart aleck remark. Hulk starts working him over with his own arm, but MM's remote circuits do, as he hopes, work. The fist telescopes, wrapping around Hulk's neck, then bashes him flush in his jade kisser. The hand then jolts him with a shock blast to the face, buying him time to get it reattached. (Esposito's keeping the Royer method of inking him to look heavy metal!)

Spalding's innocent confusion in turn confuses Freddy, but Pete calls his bluff. Upon handing over the gun, Freddy finds out it's a replica. "You don't think I'd collect real guns, do you?" (Well, hell yes!) Freddy recounts the Machine Man-like figure who appeared to kidnap Trish and gas him and the Hulk---who's just crashed into the wall with Machine Man leveraging to rip off his head, and back through the other wall they go, ripping out everything! [img][/img] (Peter David wouldn't let this pass without a sitcom moment, but this is still 1979.) Fred Sloan cries out that he must stop the Hulk, but Doc Pete puts the kibosh on that momentum and literally jerks his shirt in a mad dash for the car, to get help. Hulk misunderstands this as yet another kidnapping!


The panels open up for two more pages of battle fury, where Aaron observes the truth that "the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!"...while Schuering reports the tableau to Jackson.

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