Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Xanadu: conclusion Classic Machine Man adventures

All art Steve Ditko!


Machine Man battles laser-firing rockets in a maze, which he tests for structural integrity. He uses the weakness in the floor (it’s dirt ground) to spin and become a living drill, to resurface outside. The sonic pitch pains him again, leading him to Khan’s Xanadu in the dark clouds. Machine Man’s been tormented someone he doesn’t know would do this, but now he knows his foe.

“Steel smashes its way through steel” and our motivated metal marvel shoves his way into the dirigible---and an attack by Tong, who feels no pain due to surgery and possesses super human strength. “Tong has been shown how to temporarily deactivate your internal mechanisms,” Khan raves, before ‘Tong’s rendered Machine Man “unconscious.”

Quickly now he’s thrown on to a table alongside the babbling villain for the mind/ body switcheroo. Machine Man rises to Tong’s praise, but the obese body whispers “Tong” and the jig is up. Another super human brawl erupts.

Now that Machine Man knows why he is wanted and has played along this far, he’s set up an electronic backlash with his “reversed polarity” when clamped into the mind switch device (here, today you could do a whole story---or be gross and put his brain inside Aaron somehow, too).

He leaves Khan raving and reminds him Tong can’t hear him any longer---now he’ll tell him, “go on and save yourself---take it out on me!” essentially. Khan babbles he is beyond death and will defy the grave.

Of all the silver parachutes Machine Man sees leave the blimp, only the mercenary crew saves their own skin. He’s tempted to shout out “why?” from his addled thoughts. In three years of walking man’s world, he’s seen sickening behavior: greed, despair, turmoil and heartache. Soaring onward, he wonders...waits...”and, as always...” hopes!

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