Saturday, November 13, 2010

Multiple buildings grid

Here we have the grid lines drawn again from two point perspective. We're going to lay out several buildings.

Click on any photos you need to see full-size!

It's alright to make mistakes at this stage. The important things are 1) think of your buildings in relationship to one another 2)keep the lines straight in relation to one another

This sketch was drawn to help lay out a similar scene, though with different looking buildings. Remember they have streets between, as you move front to back. I didn't quite nail it,but here you go!

Refer back to my first article on "Buildings" listed in the archives for the discussion of how one triangulates the perspective from which the artist's eye works.

I roughed out a duplicate of the building on the left to bring in closer to the center of the picture; I'm cropping off the sides of the drawing to fit a much smaller space. (That's also why I folded it!)

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