Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Diego Comic Con Week: Suddenly the Submariner!

Ooops, haven't re-read this one yet! But I do remember the story. Wait, I'm getting it mixed up. This is the one where Reed decides to make a stand for Sue's love, but the story ends with him in personal turmoil. When all's said and done, when the FF have stormed Atlantis to rescue Sue, she chooses to leave with Reed---but he worries about her ulterior motive to simply end the violence.

What I almost started telling about was Submariner's movie studio, but that's an earlier adventure! Of course, his film roles double as traps for the male members of the Fantastic Four, while he woos Sue. I would tie it in happily with the Hollywood push at Comic Con.

Prince Namor, the Submariner, and Reed and Sue were Marvel's best love triangle in the Silver Age. The super-strong Lord of Atlantis and the smartest man in the world had some great fights (doesn't it sound ridiculous for the smartest man in the world to fight anyone? But hey, who said you couldn't have nerve if you're bright?). Sue always sympathizes with the misunderstood monarch, whose passion for this surface woman pits him at odds against his royal advisers.

We have lots of fun gadgets and imaginative inventions such as the "oxygen spray" used to create a membrane around the air-breathing heroes and always, strange sea creatures with sophisticated purposes. Too fantastic for some, but all played together to assemble a world that usually observes its own inner logic, and very appealing to one's sense of wonder!

What else would I do now, but tie the undersea classic with our modern day beach-loving adventures of Jenn, Celestia, Pepper and the gang we put together in Not Another Comic Book! Looks like Jenn will be appearing in my cartoonist friend Michele Suthers' cartoon map of San Diego. Come by Marina Park beside Seaport Village this week and buy one! You can check out her work here (clipboard it): http://michelesart7777.blogspot.com/2011/07/sketch-from-giovanni-bellinis-pieta.html

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