Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wacky Lee/ Kirby Fantastic Four: Infant Terrible (International Comic Con Week)

Sponsored by Integr8d Soul Productions, featuring DNA: The Mountain, drawn with crisp, clear story telling by Lue Lyron and the Marc Kane, with scenes and ideas you won't find anywhere else in entertainment!! The comic for those who don't read comics! Black and White, $3 plus shipping each.
Available from C Lue Disharoon
542 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

The menace is funny, but played very straight: the alien who's landed in Times Square
creates random mischief, but Reed Richards begins to fear the awesome extent of what the being can do. He deduces from its behavior that it's simply a child---but one he expects will treat the corner stones of our natural survival like toys. What happens when the creature play with the sun? The criminals that attempt to influence the child are thwarted by his lack of understanding, as well as the timely intervention of the Thing, Torch, and Invisible Girl.

Reed gambles his time and concentration : what else do you do when a missing child turns up? You try to contact the parents!

I'm busy with strange wanderers from another culture, myself. I don't think Willie and Ogie will panic any superheroes, though! I'm about to add them to my friend Michele Suthers' cartoon map of our town.

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