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Avengers: Buscema/ Palmer, Skrulls, space, and the Secret Wars II period

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3. Savage Land / Skrulls, Space / Secret Wars II Period) 1985

Fourth great Stern Avenger, Starfox

3. Savage Land / Skrulls, Space / Secret Wars II Period) 1985
Fourth great Stern Avenger, Starfox (NY period, expansion, space; Eternals, Nebula)
Great Captain Marvel story guests: Ka-Zar and Shanna Plunder

Every X-Men creative team that likes to imitate the arc of “Sentinels, then Savage Land” innovated by Thomas/Adams back in the 60’s must’ve collectively wailed when Stern and his new collaborators shocked much of fandom with the destruction of the Savage Land! A Marvelverse sort of “Lost World” via Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Savage Land also played home to its Tarzan-derivative Ka-Zar, who in this story is expecting a baby with his equally wild and acrobatic wife, sometimes known as Shanna the She-Devil. Their adventures in the Bruce Jones-written KA-ZAR series ended about a year before, so while it was great to see these characters again, in those pre-Internet spoiler days it must’ve been a shock to see the nearly-unstoppable alien Terminus ravage the land Galactus-style! The alien, introduced recently in FANTASTIC FOUR #269-270, has a giant secret uncovered here in battle.

Captain Marvel’s on an errand designed to distract her from the Vision’s takeover plans, but she gets a surprise when she discovers Sanctuary II, boarded by pirates of space. The ship is from the fleet of Thanos of Titan, which the well-studied Captain realizes means it’s a dangerous weapon that could tilt the scale of inter-stellar wars. The pirates attempt at first to cajole her, but she realizes their leader, the blue-skinned woman called Nebula, is not only nefarious, but also has the upper hand, once she launches the ship into hyper-drive! Going along with the crew’s plans, she uses her powers to disrupt the security system of a Skrull outpost. Good for her that she uses the commandeered outpost to send a cosmic S.O.S. to the Avengers!

Along with the return of Hercules, who once joined for a year while exiled from Mount Olympus comes another Avenger from his contemporary era some two hundred issues before: the Black Knight. Scientist Dane Whitman’s life turned upside down after he took up the mantle of his criminal uncle, Nathan Garrett, for whom he was first mistaken. Then, he acquires the Ebony Blade, indestructibly forged by Merlin, some say, and eventually takes the place of his 12th century predecessor as Black Knight…all of which leads to his absence through most of the intervening years. His unfamiliarity with the new super heroes plays like a “man out of his time” story, somewhat like the revived Captain America, and makes a terrific stand-in for the long absent fan getting a grasp of the new characters. His amazement and curiosity over the improbabilities and wonders of the Avengers world keeps it from becoming too commonplace---another reader point-of-view character is born afresh.
When the Wasp returns from her vacation, reinstated as chairwoman, the Black Knight becomes the newest Avenger, answering a mysterious South Atlantic distress call that lead to their Antarctic battle against Terminus, outer space ravager.
After the Avengers meet Ka-Zar and his sabre tooth tiger, Zabu, Starfox rescues his pregnant wife Shanna. Like in the Lost World, Terminus enters the Pangean jungle by way of a plateau he blasts through, wrecking the artificial environs of the Savage Land, which reverts to Antarctic tundra. Black Knight severs one of Terminus’ giant hands, revealing it as part of a giant robot exoskeleton. In another X-Men callback, Starfox hurls Hercules “fastball special” style into the armor, which he rips apart to reveal John Byr---er, a pale, obese and helpless alien exaggerating the worse traits of reclusive comics fans.

Personally, I think right about here, with some adjustments to account for the Beyonder’s role, Roger Stern has a great movie plot! It’s true that our investment in Starfox has now reached its third year, but while he’s all business now in these stories, his part in them is perfectly clear if this is where you came in.
In fact, we’ll discuss Starfox next, as we head to outer space to the call placed by Captain Marvel---before her apparent disintegration! Nebula’s torpedo, however, does destroy the Skrull outpost Marvel was sent to scout. Unbeknownst to her, Captain Marvel sticks by in energy form---a hologram she will use strategically.

Now, we get to Starfox, the next of Stern's great Avengers characterizations.

Terrific scene from AVENGERS #250.

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