Friday, November 18, 2011

Roger Stern Assembles Avengers

Let’s escape super-hero style! From here to Thanksgiving, we look at Roger Stern’s exciting take on Marvel Comics Group’s AVENGERS. Accomplished pro, here, often referred to as Uncle Roj by the fans and editors---you may know him from stories in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, PETER PARKER, or the Superman titles of the late 80’s and early 90’s, published by DC Comics. He's still writing!

I can only hope the producers of next year’s AVENGERS big screen movie have read some of this work! I'm sure you'll see why. If you want to read some fun super hero comics, for any reason, these really hit the spot, with strong voices, lessons of the human heart, and a rich use of the Marvel Universe!

Where you were there the first time through as a collector, discovered them through back issues, or never have been known to read a comic book (or even never read one secretly), this is a good place to enjoy Roger Stern’s Avengers stories.

We’ll look at his run in these groupings, roughly (as well as talk about the foremost characters of those years):

NY period (228-241) (Many of these stories lend to interactions and scenes across New York City, their Marvel Universe home base)

Expansion (242- 254) (The Vision takes the chairmanship of the team; creates the West Coast team)

Savage Land/ Space (255-261) (an interlude; John Buscema and Tom Palmer join as the art team)

Superhero/ Siege (Kang, Masters of Evil, Olympus) (262-284) NYC is no longer the chief setting; the team tends to travel outside human civilization, save for the stories centered around the Siege of Avengers Mansion)

1st: the New York period! See you Monday!! Lue Lyron-++++
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