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Marvel Comics, 1984: The Avengers, Ultimate Vision

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1984 Expansion Period, Part Two

After a mammoth cross-over with a demonic invasion in THOR, the Avengers assemble, East Coast and West Coast for the first time, to confront his plan to steal energy from Earth’s rotation itself in AVENGERS #250.

Roger Stern writes:
There were a couple dozen Avengers or former Avengers at the time, and I had tried to limit the number of active members in any given issue, just to avoid writing crowd-scene comics. I had plans for most of the characters who didn't have their own books, but every time I turned around, another writer was glomming onto one or more of them for a miniseries, often for someone other than The Avengers editor.
The West Coast Avengers was my solution to that. The original plan was to establish a second branch of the team in California. And once the miniseries was over, I'd have the members of both branches to draw on for stories. I could assemble teams of select Avengers for whatever wild challenge I could concoct. It was never supposed to spin off into its own monthly title. But, it sold very well, and the next thing I knew...

Scans courtesy SuperMegaMonkey:

Cap, Scarlet Witch, Starfox and the newly-rejoined Hercules then battle the revived Blood Brothers, former pawns of Thanos discovered at a military installation. They also tie into the influence of Titan, homeworld of the Blood Brothers, as well as Moondragon, brothers Eros and Thanos, and super world computer ISAAC. As always with Stern’s stories, a good bit of strategy is required to save the day; this, along with his characterizations, makes for blueprint superhero comics. It’s also a precursor for the apparent arrival of another part of Thanos’ legacy in the next year’s issues. We’re also treated to naked Hercules trying to scrounge up a military uniform in his size. :-D

But, hint by hint, what have we been watching actually happen during the Vision’s stint as chairman? Spoiler alert: I’m telling you next time.

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