Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Get Wasted!" Steve Gerber, Defenders #33 ends

"Ordinarily, I don't approve of revenge as a motive..."

The Defenders mix it up with the Headmen, only to be left in a pile of Ruby-disgorged goop...while Nighthawk races away with Kyle's brain, which is to say, it's a body flying away with its own brain in its hand, while another brain occupied by another mind does the thinking. Now isn't THAT fiction?

That's the end of issue. I may describe it more lovingly later---especially the part about the guy from #21, whose house was destroyed by the Hulk, laughing about the Defenders destroying someone ELSE's house. And there's Nagan's grin, described in caption as Dr. Strange commands "Nighthawk" to quickly scoop up Kyle Richmond's brain and book it.

See, Nagan believes in the melee Strange has forgotten that Chondu is in Nighthawk's body!!! So he thinks a villain now has the brain. He gets no time to gloat about it.

Good thing Ruby has some self-defense mechanism---the aforementioned goo. "A fitting statement of my assessment of my enemies," she explains. She makes the point she had to build in self-defenses, as her machine head horrifies people.

Inhuman as Ruby may be, she is still female enough for the old curse to work against Val: she can't use her powers against a female. This costs her her sword, and leads to a flying tackle from Nagan. But he's got Hulk trouble!

And to think, when the Defenders woke up from their helmet treatments, they are still
exactly themselves, as Nagan informs his allies they will be, rather than docile. Strange nonetheless puts big pink cones of mystic something on Hulk's fists and calls for peace; they are only there, after all, for Nighthawk's brain. This is when all heck busted loose.

About that ending...we meet the pupil of the scaly red lizard fish men, the Mudcats of outer space, along with the newly-kidnapped Nighthawk and his Bowl O' Brain: before us stands the golden, glittering form of the mighty Nebulon.

Self-help therapy is next. Honest.

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