Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Earth's Mightiest Rock Band 2: Let us brainstorm!

I was picturing Wolverine vying for the lead singer spot to take things punk rock, sparring with Cyclops, the rhythm/ lead guitarist for the job...then I realized, "Wolverine's naturally a shredder..."

For some reason, Banshee reminds me of Steve Winwood. Why is that? Just Roll With it, baby.

Storm already looks like a dancer from Sly and the Family Stone, or maybe P-Funk. Give her a tambourine. If only I had a sense of her being deep into World Beat music, but while she was celebrated and serenaded, I've never known her to have an instrumental proclivity. Some type of flute would be bad ass. A Djimbe?

I'm so tempted to put colossus on drums...really, Nightcrawler would've been a totally gnarly look for a singer. So would Coloshuss...

Jean's got the pyro technics down for sure...have to imagine she can sing, too...

Cyclops still makes me think of a guitarist, but without a doubt, he comes with his own light show.

The Beast could seriously get down on a bass. He could play with his toes, too!

Then, we figure out their drama, preferably borrowing liberally from their concurrent time periods and and music trends, including possibly the disappointing disco album which nonetheless spawns a Top Ten Hit.

KISS, Blondie, the Police, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Patti Smith, Kate Bush, the B-52s....Peter Frampton...and of course, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, and the Ramones and Sex Pistols and the Clash (which is sorta the Dark Phoenix Saga). All this can be mined.

Then you've got the late 60's incarnation...(The Monkees? I"m just playin'). Geez, did Marvel even HAVE a Sly and the Family Stone? I love those guys. And Booker T. and the MGs. Just too cool for school.

But yah, like Fleetwood Mac, they came back with a new line-up and became a chart-topping, record-setting sales and concert phenomenon. And "Gold Dust Woman" sounds like someone they would've met in the 70s.

But let me tell you, no one ever looked more like a rock band than Magneto-tutor era X-Men. Storm is the perfect punk rock leader for that group. Funny part is this: they all look like refugees from a band (Wolverine looks kinda Devo), but not the same band. Or as my friend puts it, "a very weird band, maybe!" And that's very much the X-Men of the mid to late 80s, all right. When they meet Lila Cheney and Dazzler on tour together---the Malace story in #214---that could've been the beginning of a very different direction, all right! Of course, comics don't come with sound...which is a shame, occasionally, when Peter Parker's listenin to Ella Fitzgerald, say.

_________________ There's always writing left.

They write about a lot of anti-hero figures, but the Who really does sound like super-hero rock music, to me, too.

While Jim Morrison is more like Dr. Strange. Let's face it, that was an ethos that wouldn't really resound in the more conservative comics industry for some time to come.

So really, they're more akin at best to Frank Zappa than say, Elvis. Although Elvis made a fine Conan in BWS' early issues.

Rock had better "girl groups" for a long time to come, too. But rock and super-heroes had quite a bit of "boy's club" about them---which didn't stop every girl! Some girls, you can't really stop.

I wonder who Dazzler was modeled most after? Or some cross of disco and TV or movie stars?
Long Shot = lost member of Def Leppard

And Scott Summers = Morrissey.

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