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Psychedelic Supper

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Coming up on the show: Blue Oyster Cult spotlight, part two, next!

Here's part two of our Psyche Supper Spotlight on Blue Oyster Cult.

So, what was biker boogie? It's the speed-fueled darkened twin of the psychedelic music movement. Steppenwolf embodied it perhaps better than any other band that comes to mind. Here is Blue Oyster Cult, from their eponymous first album, debuted in 1972.

BOC, as they are known often by their fans, were created as an answer to Britain's Black Sabbath. The bottom-heavy sound of their first album is on display here, on the 1980 Black and Blue Tour, where the two bands united to storm stages across the world!

"Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll" was recognized critically as the opening step into an extraordinary individual identity as a band.

The band's critical masterpiece is widely believed to be their third album, Secret Treaties. Here's the original 1974 radio ad spot:

Opening with the brash "Career of Evil," the album closes with a grand, yet deeply uncertain and unsettled, piece of music which announced the direction of the band's musical future, the brilliant "Astronomy."

After the mammoth success of Agents of Fortune, the BOC hit their commercial peak and became one of the preeminent touring bands in the world. The band continued to rely on its multiple songwriters, turning again here, for 1977's follow-up Specters to Buck Dharma for another tune in the vein of their new soft rock mainstream appeal, continuing to tell their unique stories and blend guitar and synthesizer to great effect.

Incessant touring built the band's reputation through the 1970's. Their concerts eventually grew so ambitious with its pioneering laser light shows as to not only build great anticipation of their tours, but also pushed them to the limits, with the many difficulties of staging such staggering productions. Their reputation as a live music juggernaut endures.

The signature piece of this classic period to pull together all the elements was 1981’s “Fire of Unknown Origin.” Among the songs here are the other top 40 smash “Burnin’ For You” co-written with Richard Meltzer, and another with lyrics by famed science fiction/ dark fantasy creator Michael Moorcock.

The song “Black Blade” was a previous reference to the sword Stormbringer, a signature of Elric of Melinbone from the Eternal Champions series. Now Moorcock wrote an entirely new song, “Veteran of the Foreign Wars,” featured on “Fire.” The worlds of role playing games and heavy metal would converge in a popular social phenomenon. Geeks everywhere, raise your horns in gratitude—and rock on!

Fantasy writer Michael Moorcock's contribution to the Blue Oyster Cult legend. See if you can follow the story in this twisted little gem from the album, "Fires of Unknown Origin"!

That's part two of our Blue Oyster Cult retrospective! Hope you loved it. Here's one from the Nova Local, a song called, "$5 a ticket."

Thanks for kicking back with us today on Citrusville's Rock FM, Richard here,

finally closing out the Supper with Hawkwind!!!

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