Monday, March 21, 2011


After soaking my brain in Gerber of late, there's a very short tale of how a couple of responses to writing led to a chain of subconscious that followed me out on my walk to Subway at 2:30 am.

The colorful Headmen characters were the first to call forth a rocker: I had the feel for something punk rock that suits the freaky visual aspect of these unique comic book schemers. As I pondered the "Talking Headsmen" soon after I realized my favorite piece of dialog with them, the multi-level ruse of the impostor Jack Norriss seems a promising scene to offer lyrics.

In between crossing streets, a Berlin-era Bowie/ Eno flavored tribute to Celestial Mind Control emerges as a second song, after only a block spent with creativity broken loose for "Headmen" by a quick listen to Black Flag before I'd left.

After I arrived home, I tried listening for other themes. A couple of tunes started to come along as lyrics, and then, I wrote this one in one sitting.

Ladies and gentlemen, my indie rock plaintive pop song, in honor of the Hulk's tear in Steve Gerber's first fully-written issue (#21, Apr. 1975) of the Defenders.

Hulk is Sorry, Little Girl.

(Soon to be a plaintive new indie rock with the sound of a timeless hit record)
“(Hulk is ) Sorry, Little Girl” (Gerber/ Lyron)
Hulk enjoyed
Holding your hand, little girl
Hulk enjoyed watching you skip rope,
When you were not afraid of me
And liked my skin, I had hope.
But when your dad got mad
He made Hulk an insult
Hulk never did want any thing
But to be left alone
This is why Hulk always alone!
But Hulk is sorry he smashed your house, little girl
But now he doesn’t know what to do
Though he can fly, Hulk made you cry
Stomped his foot, when Hulk got angry
Hulk and man
Hulk wants to forget ---to leap, and leave it all behind
Hulk is sorry for we were friends, maybe for a time
Someone who didn’t want to use Hulk
Try to confuse Hulk
Standing in your yard
But it’s broken now
For the strongest one there is
Cannot hold these hands together
Someone who liked Hulk for himself but these blows to my head
Make it all fade away, for a friend
I’m always seeking
Someone like you
Someone like you
Hulk thought he knew.
Maybe Magician and Bird Nose help Sword Girl
But Hulk doesn’t know truly
Where Hulk belongs
Someone like you
Someone like you
Hulk thought he knew.

I found it touchingly melancholy. Just when you expect it to just be funny, y'know?

So I selected these, and if I don't get bored and busy with something else, I pondered an album: Roshomonics

1. Matt’s Not Coming Back
2. Guardian of the Nexus
3. (Hulk is) Sorry, Little Girl
4. Talking Headsmen* (S.Gerber/ C. Disharoon) (Wouldn't it be a kick to use some of their dialog? It was NUTS!!!)
5. Revolution in the Future
6. My Life and Times (As Told By My Brain)
7. Free Spirit
8. Celestial Mind Control
9. Bus to Cleveland (Stress and Strain)

and perhaps, as an added bonus
10. J.M. & Dian run away ( or leave an intolerable situation)

Omega is really its own rock opera. Even in its incomplete state, that's still perfect rock and roll.

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