Friday, March 18, 2011

You're all Bozos!!

Celestial Mind Control!

What better way for a super alien to show he believes he is above us, than by terrorizing New York arriving in a completely gratuitous meteor strike?

Still, it IS the right way to draw attention, at least. A natural shape shifter, Nebulon becomes a nebbish, slant-shouldered, uneviable bald little man with glasses, soon as he steps from the flames, surrounded by police. He explains, he’s just coming to work...he can travel to work this way, any time he wants. And so can they. “Want to learn about it?”

Celestial Mind Control!

From above, scanning the streets for his lost Bambi friend, the incredible Hulk bounds to the Earth, accusing “Four Eyes” of taking “Hulk’s friend Bambi!” Why does he do this? Well, Steve clearly wants us to think about that...but because the Hulk’s so, oh, prone to irrationality, his impulse is easy to dismiss, much as Hulk himself dismisses it. But he’s right! Nebulon DID take “Bambi,” or that is, the Lubderites did, for the sake of their enlightenment terrarium.

Problem is, he’s got Jack’s mind in Kyle’s body, and that combination can’t last. Doc has just explained to Val why they need to find Jack immediately: deprived of his body too long, his mind may dissipate. Little does Val even realize at first how much is at stake now for Jack; still they don't realize what kind of whammy Nebulon’s putting on him, either, because even after this battle, Hulk won’t remember the correct name of his opponent. The Defenders are still in the dark as to who is pulling the strings behind:

Celestial ....Mind Control!

Transforming into his usual self, the little bald man, as Nebulon, catches Hulk’s punch, then blasts him away with the other hand. Before Hulk can renew his attack, Nebulon encases him in an energy bubble, and sends him rising, lighter than air, towards the outer reaches of space.

Now back to his bald, tiny self, two minutes later, he’s just impressed everyone on the block, including a couple of cuties who offer to help him with his seminar. “For a moment there, you looked almost...beautiful!”

“I AM beautiful,” he insists, smugly grinning with the girls on his arms, now that he’s demonstrated something the masses would eagerly wish to learn, proving you don’t have to seem like anyone special to tap the tremendous, mysterious forces within.
Hulk’s bubble won’t stop! He breaks it with his own great smash, though he must plummet with a force only one such as Hulk could hope to survive. So, “Hulk is back...but Sparkle Hair is gone.”

The flyer left behind strikes a chord in the emerald behemoth, and so he leaps to the skies once more, to take picture “to Magician.”

In between, we see Nebulon’s terrarium includes a machine jack senses is draining their very life forces! The elderly woman who’d been stammering about Greek architecture drops dead in front of fellow captives Martin and Cissy, who demand: “You! In the hero suit! Can’t you do something to save us?” The man in that hero suit doesn’t even have a functioning jet pack, after the abduction. What can HE do? And where are...

---the Defenders? Trying to pass unrecognized through the crowd of Park Plaza Hotel, a crowd big enough to surprise Valkyrie.

“Hardly suprising, Val,” he rejoins---given the claims made in that leaflet. “Man is prone not to question too closely a system which promises so many benefits at so little cost. Of course—“ Stephen says, “the true payment is inevitably exacted later.” He would know. He had to humbly wring every understanding he calls his own from the arcane, fantastic books on reality tutored him by the wise Ancient One. From the way Hulk was treated, Stephen’s eyes are wide open: there’s more to this purported benefactor than meets the eye. What would he want with all the people he could attract, with such displays and claims?

First problem: the security scanners tell the guards about Valkyrie’s sword. Stephen’s relying on the spell of concealment over them all, and mentions this bEfore Hulk can jump in for her. Her open jacket is her response to being manhandled. When they want to frisk her for what they clearly can’t see, she makes her position clear just who is in charge of her body. One numbed hand, later, the three disguised heroes are sharing the front row with a little woman in her purple coat, who explains no one else seems eager to be so close.

Let the self help seminar begin!

The key? He demands they all admit: they're all bozos!!! Failures, each and everyone. Geez, he should be a Marine drill sergeant.

Now, you think Oprah has some surprises under the seats...wait until you find Nebulon's great self-image exercise, as he clowns his entire audience...including three now doubly-disguised friends, who wonder:

What is going on here? Find out next!
We will explore the secret of ...


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