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The free spirit heroine, or, why didn't Beverly Switzler have a nervous breakdown with Howard the Duck?

Beverly Switzler is as much a part of the Howard the Duck stories as Steve Gerber himself. Beverly, like Amber and Ruth Hart from Omega the Unknown, make these two wonderful titles Gerber wrote in the latter part of the 1970's while working freelance for Marvel Comics, as he'd moved to New York City to do in 1972, I believe. All three were created by his collaborator, writer Mary Skrenes.

why not imagine jet setting the globe in Epicurian splendor?

When I was searching the apartment for change, I started telling Angela about Bev, scrounging those two quarters so she and her weird new best friend could have a candy bar. In direct contrast to Howard, she is never upset about the things that bother him. While she has fears only when they seem relatively sensible, it's those times Howard seems unafraid, and just enough unworried, even.

His worrying is absurd to her, but she's not really hung up about his trip. Howard is a fantastic creature in our world, in the world of his stories, and despite his physical inversion of every standard by which people commonly judge heroic features, he is fast thinking enough and too full of heart to hold back, the best response to the absurdities of the world around him. By his very constitution, however, by who he thinks of as himself, unique in this confusing world, its chaos and darkness will drag him down, and his hero's journey, if you will, is mere sanity.

She is a free spirit. Her response is to roll with it. In tune with the
everything-is-new style of Howard within context of storytelling itself, while she can be hurt, emotionally and physically, the worst thing imaginable is that she will be forced to marry that tool, Dr. Bong.

In her spirit, let me tell you why we don't need to rehash these encapsulated episodes to tell you anything about her at all, though you may find them more refreshing thinking of them from Bev's perspective.

What is important is not what she does in the plot of a comic book, but how her dialogue samples an approach to life, as in dialogues of philosophers since time immemorium. All of her actions are ones a flesh and blood person might do, even as she participates as an indispensable character in a very most unlikely modern mythology, Gerber & Skrene's Ovid to Kirby's Homer.

Are you a free spirit? Do you know one when you meet one?

You feel filled up by the true free spirit, because their free. They demand no price, they extract no price, and you fill to over flowing. They are people who radiate free energy, released from their own connection with grace and kindness.

Experience in the world is the hallmark of what makes every great story great.

I asked friends who first came to mind a simple question: what is a free spirit?

My friends say:

It's the shot of whiskey that guy buys you when he thinks you're hot! LOL Couldn't resist."
Oh, no, go ahead.

Harley Coro: But of course my friend. :)
A free spirit is the light that shines from a fire fly's butt when he is released from the Mason jar.

Then she told me to think of a bank, depositing one dollar for every good thing of which I think, and taking away a dollar in balance for all thoughts of ills.

"The short version off the top of my head - Someone who is unburdened by ideology, prejudice or fear. Someone who lives in the moment, rather than worrying too much about the future that may or may not come. Someone who isn't self-centered, but in the same breath unentangled by the workings of others." ---the man in the JOE chair

"A free spirit is some one who is willing to let go!" ---Bali

"i suppose someone who is not as hindered as the masses by social mediocrity in direct reference to taste, views, and creativity. a free-er thinker than the norm, perhaps.

Not as propelled to conformity."

" A non-captured spirit? nah hahah :)
I would say say someone who dwell in themselves, have their own opinions and make their own decisions :)" --Dark Poet, who said Lueticon knows him well.

"Hmm. Someone who does what they enjoy, without seeking external validation for their choices and actions, but tries not to harm anyone while doing so," said the Ray upon the Red Stone.

"One who truly does not give a damn what others think. One who moves through life succeeding or failing on his own terms, the only ones that truly matter. It does NOT mean one who says 'fuggit' to his responsibilities - that spirit will eventually find itself imprisoned by circumstance - but one who decides for himself what is truly important and acts accordingly." Thus spake the Golden Day.

A free spirit is someone who marches to the beat of her own drum, despite what anyone else thinks about it. She dances to the off key songs in her head, even if it gathers raised eyebrows from envious, trapped inside their own self created walls, onlookers. She is led by a light that perhaps only she sees to a place full of rainbows and cotton candy. She regularly stops in the middle of the road to trespass and pick flowers blooming in the field. She lives and loves fully, without regret, drinking in all that life has to offer, as one would a delicious wine, free flowing from the fountain of youth! Scarlet Dragon #9

"Hmm. One that is not bound by restrictions? Physical, emotional, worldy, otherworldly." ---a lady whose name is literally in the stars (on a satellite)

So, don't let these words be bound by restrictions. Take them with you. Enjoy the freedom in your own spirit.

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