Sunday, July 31, 2011

JLA: Martian Manhunter vs. the White Martians


GUEST DC Column with Johann Balasuriya

I have read a bunch of comics featuring the Martian Manhunter and I have also read a bunch of his solo comic book's. But I was never impressed by him as a character or as a hero. I often wondered why the trinity (Supe's, Bat's and Wondy) always treated him with great respect. Yes he had an amazing array of abilities. But in my opinion Hes was just a green superman with an ability to shape change and a weakness to fire.

I always assumed that the most work he ever did was either escorting G'nort and Killowog around town or track down Blue beetle and Booster gold to give them a talking to. I did not think that his ability to be able to mentally connect all the members of whatever team he was in was that much of a big deal.

Until ........ the white Martian story line. That moment where he looks up and says they are white martians and crashes through a bunch of buildings and takes on a few of the whites is amazing. That moment I realized that I had forgotten what an actual powerhouse he is.

Lue: So, Hyperclan came into town, the kind of superheroes...and they make the JLA seem pollyanna and retrograde. And then, and only then, do they reveal their hand...and by then, it's too late. The only one left standing is their old racial enemy, the green Martian Manhunter. We get glimpses into Martian culture, made more complex here than the utopia often remembered by J'onn J'onnz.

The New World Order storyline in JLA Collections Vol. 1 No. 1 has the entire tale. (click to copy)

Lyron: Hey, that's good! I haven't had those issues in too many years. I seem to remember a great moment with Bruce Wayne revealing the Whites, too! Haven't they gotten the drop on the JLA somehow? You have to watch me, I'll have them mixed up with the Skrulls the FF hypnotized into becoming cows and trees in FF #2!

Yah, that's a great start. I'll look up those covers and see if anything comes back to me. Did you ever get to read his limited series? Doesn't matter; the White Martian fight is probably where a LOT of fans sat up to take notice!
Johann: Well it's perfectly understandable that you get that story line confused with the FF und die Skrulls. The ending of da White Martian story line is a sort of a funny tribute to the FF Skrull story line. In order to help you not get confused. DC did a better job .

The White Martians change their appearance and pretend to be Hero's called Da Hyperklan ("Hyperclan"--- I just had to add that K in their because of their racist attitudes towards the Green Martians) and they do rub the floor with the JLA. And Batty man does get the drop on the White martians with a book O' Matches Malone because the White Martians did not consider him ta be a threat und under estimated him.

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