Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let your story describe truths undiscovered

I'm saving that film till we finish the cartoon season one, which is its basis. It looks insanely cool from the trailer:
Stuff like this is the real reason a man writes. Thanks for enjoying this with me and giving it a further life only your mind can lend it.

I realize the true appeal, the romance of STAR BLAZERS, if not space travel in general.

In the creative life---in the spiritual life, If you will---you are always trying to go somewhere others have not reached. Every time you solve a challenge, you must be both creative and receptive. Then, you need the abundance to complete the challenge. All of this comes to you as part of understanding and purposefulness.

In going beyond where humanity has gone before, the Star Force attempt to save Earth---to make it a place worth living. That’s the actual purpose of creativity, is it not? We always find ourselves somewhere new, somewhere as yet unexplored, and in this we participate in humanity’s survival. Life is much more exciting than some people realize!

Iskandar---Alexander the Great--- was the conqueror, but also a great learner who united places distant to one another in awareness of one another, not to mention the inconceivable Egyptian library and more. I love that we can treat learning like an adventure to save the world. It's closer to the truth than many people think. We are going to know a lot of very basic things for life on Earth to continue. We have to be settled deep inside ourselves as we drift through the great void into the unknown. Our solutions lie somewhere in the unknown---where they once were when we sailed star winds across seas, without knowing wind's relationship with the sun, without knowing the sun was a star.

But there's this, too. We have history and its body of knowledge. But in a purely private sense, I am sure someone history does not know at all looked at the sun and reasoned it was a star. A lot of truths were realized by few and unknown to most, long before the experiments could encompass the canopy upon which truth is depicted. There may be truths you realize, too, that are so a part of life, they cannot be described without the inspiration of some story. I hope you realize your own creativity in living your life and making decisions. Let your story describe truths undiscovered.

Lue Lyron, December 3rd, 2011 San Diego CA

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