Sunday, December 25, 2011

Several Stern Moments: Avengers, Marvel Comics Group

Here’s Seven Stern moments I’ll never forget, from the early part of Uncle Rog’s Avengers run:

#230 Hank Pym’s defense of Hawkeye/ his goodbye words to the Wasp
“I never expected to speak before you again. And now, I can think of no finer final statement than this: it has been my sincere pleasure to have known Hawkeye’s fellowship, as it has been to know yours.”
His quote of Mark Twain as he commends the ashes of Egghead’s just another great moment in #230.

#232 Code Name: Star Fox
Wasp: Frankly, the President was hesitant to approve anyone named “Eros.” He would rather you were called something less provocative in public. You’re a pretty foxy guy…and you’ve been out among the stars---how about Starfox?”
Captain America: “Well, it would makes things easier---and you’d still be Eros to your friends! After all, Captain America’s not MY real name!”
Starfox: “It isn’t?”

#235 The Wasp figures out how to re-assign her teammates to do the most good.

#236 Spider-Man’s very spideriness: washed out of the tunnel, webbed onto the bottom of the Quinjet

#237 The “Man” side of Spider-Man saves the day…right before with typical Parker luck, he’s rejected on national clearance terms. It’s strange he doesn’t let Cap make a personal appeal to the President, but he’s already discovered himself questioning if he can really fit into a team.

#238 The Vision wakes up from his coma
Usually, a character becoming conscious again is a glossed-over detail; even returning from comas sometimes feels forgotten with the next month’s storyline. The Vision, however, has a consciousness quite unlike any other, and when he regains it, Roger Stern launches into a year’s worth of stories about the changes in his nature, with consequences echoing throughout his run!
Starfox: “I didn’t come all the way to Earth to watch over some infernal android in a stasis tube! Ah, forgive me, Vision…”
Vision: “ I sympathize. But it has been no picnic for me, either.”
“I’ve been able to hear everything since regaining consciousness.”
Starfox: “Everything? Vision, I…I am deeply sorry for what I said earlier!”
Vision: “No offense taken. It was entertaining, in a way…I hadn’t heard such vitriol since the Beast found himself stuck on monitor duty during the opening night of a Roger Corman film festival!”
“As a matter of fact, I have enjoyed all the one-way conversations that have gone on about me. Captain America’s war stories were most informative…and the She-Hulk’s stories were amusing…if a bit tawdry!”

#240 Tigra and She-Hulk worry for Janet (holding it all in, holding it all together)
She seems to know when she’s taken the work load too far, which is to her credit: she’s not power-hungry, she’s a servant---but as a servant, she has to serve herself, on the most basic level of sanity maintenance.

#246 Monica Rambeau reveals her secret i.d. to her parents.

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