Monday, December 5, 2011

Knowledge and Experience---Star Blazers: perils of Captain Avatar

"We know a round-trip space journey of 296,000 light years has never been attempted before. But, we also know planet Earth has never been in such danger before. WE WILL SUCCEED IN OUR MISSION! The Star Force cannot fail!"

This afternoon, we'll start with the story between Captain Abraham Avatar and two brothers who've served under his command, and from there, describe the stoic space captain's style and genius, uncomplicated way of coming up with an answer, a way to win, a way to survive.--C Lue, before bed.

In 2199, Earth's surface has been ravaged by radiation caused by the planet bombs of a cruel star-faring race called the Gamilas. Captain Avatar commands the last functioning star cruiser of our planet, fighting further out in the solar system against the Gamilon armada. When he realizes they must flee and fight another day, his office Alex Wildstar disobeys orders and fights a hopeless rear-guard action so Avatar can take his crew of 471 safely back to Earth. In the original 1974 program aired in Japan, Momori (translates "to protect") Kodai will not turn back out of honor; how can he then face his dead fleet mates before him, if he has not fought their enemy to the death? Alex Wildstar here and his twenty men battle out of a sense of altruism; he makes himself the sacrifice necessary for his ingenious captain to continue serving the Earth, so the planet's not left without defense.

The mystery that leads to the Yamato's discovery---resurrection of a battle ship from the last war between the nations of Earth---concurs with the fall of Earth's last coordinated space defense. At this darkest time, scientists realize Earth will become utterly lifeless in the space of a year. Now, we meet Derek Wildstar and his best friend Mark Venture, as they discover a Martian crash, containing a beautiful lady's lifeless body, and a holographic message of the salvation of Earth, if only they can travel to planet Iskandar---further away than any human has ever traveled---using the wave motion energy plan supplied. This gnostic sort of salvation must find a worthy Avatar.

Only by leaping into the void can a valiant Star Force of volunteers vie for the rescue of their world. The ship, in the original creation, is the true character, representing Japan, and Japan, representing the world. Truths to cosmic dangers never before faced are the keys that must be found by the bonded crew, all dedicated to the journey and return from Iskandar with the Cosmos DNA method and restore life on an oceanless, greenless planet Earth.


From the first time he sits in command of the ship re-christened Argo, Captain Avatar’s in hot water: if the engines aren’t ready to start, the attacking Gamilon carrier will finish them off before the mission begins!
One of the earliest problems Avatar faces is the simmering resentment from Derek Wildstar, who blames the captain for his brother’s demise. Orion, the engine chief, tells Wildstar the captain lost his only son in the same attack, but Derek won’t come to terms with this until he encounters his brother’s crashed ship while on a mineral retrieval mission on Titan.

The tactics, and the captain’s decision making, intrigue me. (I mean to detail some of his escapes and victories, but I'm sooo sick tonight.)

I’ve been saddened by the Captain’s reduced role halfway through the season; Dr. Sane’s monitoring his health, deteriorated by radiation poisoning. But you can’t keep a man like that down! He even wears his skipper cap during surgery.

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